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32bit Enterprise vs 64bit Standard
If you were setting up a new SQL 2008 server that you knew would need access to at least 8GB of RAM, and you didn't need any of features exclusive to Enterprise edition, would you go with SQL 2008 64bit Standard Edition or SQL 2008 32bit Enterprise Edition in order to gain access to the full 8GB? An odd ques... 1 Apr 2010 05:45
Service pack 3 and Cluster
I have been told by our DBA that we have Service Pack 3 installed on our cluster. I have run the following. SELECT Serverproperty('Productversion'), Serverproperty('Productlevel'), Serverproperty('edition') To which I get . 9.00.3080.00,SP2,Enterprise Edition I am not that familiar with SQL clusters but ... 30 Mar 2010 16:09
min value in a row
Hi. I want to have a min value form a row instead of a column. Let erp Name col1 col2 col3 col4 coll4 5585 john 101 255 245 514 98 6697 tom 222 457 987 700 12 i want to get the min from row 1 and row 2 from column clo1, clo2 , clo3 col4 , c0l4. ... 30 Mar 2010 17:17
'Studio Management Report Services'
I have an SQL 2008 Standard server and I have a project manager asking if 'Studio Management Reporting Services' are installed. I can't find anything labeled like this in the SQL 2008 program group. I have Reporting Services Configuration Manager and SQL Server Management Studio listed. Is what she's asking ... 30 Mar 2010 16:09
100% cpu usage by sql ghost cleanup process
We have started seeing the same issue with 100% CPU usage when we attach a particular db of 30GB size. Detaching the this db gets rid of the problem. Did you find any resolution to your issue? MariaGuzman wrote: ghost cleanup task 10-Mar-10 I have a server running win2003, sql server 2005 sp3. Yesterda... 30 Mar 2010 09:26
SQL Server 2000: Tempdb growth is causing application failure.
1st thank you for replying! Ok, let say you're right a simple aggregriate summation shouldn't cause this type of failure. I doubt that. Here is more information on why I believe something is going on while this temporary table is being created and/or data is being inserted - I issued an sqlperf(logspace) comma... 18 Apr 2010 18:38
Transaction Promotion/Hang?
SQL Server 2008, a SSIS package runs fine. I attempted to make it transactional, and run that within a larger SSIS transaction. The execution now hangs somewhere. I suspect it is when the internal transaction gets promoted to run within the containing transaction, but I really have no idea what is happening. ... 30 Mar 2010 09:26
Sql Server 2008 installation problem
Hello Gurus Here is an interesting problem I now have several Sql Server 2008 servers set up at the company. I have installed several times the client tool for this server this set up is for users and low level admins. On one machine the load keeps failing.... During the process it tells me to reboot the machine t... 31 Mar 2010 03:18
Interpreting SP line numbers in TRACE 1204 output?
All: I'm troubleshooting a deadlock between SPs, and I'm seeing information in the 1204 log output that makes no sense: .... spid4 SPID: 61 ECID: 0 Statement Type: SELECT Line #: 53 .... spid4 Input Buf: RPC Event: le_insert_customer_$sp;1 Line 53 of that SP is up in the declarations of the SP... 29 Mar 2010 13:39
junction table query
I need a query that will populate 'tbl_rep_region_junction' (example below) with IDs from 'tbl_rep_location' and 'tbl_city' based on the entries in the 4 code_x columns in 'tbl_rep_location'. Skip all blank code_x without region names. Thanks for the help.. tbl_rep_location rep_loc_id repname code_... 30 Mar 2010 01:49
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