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Drive Letter Assignments - USB devices (renumerating, re-initialising)
Hi all, We have a situation where many of our reseachers use external hard drives to analyse images of the eye. First of all i'll get to my question.. Can Windows be told through registry hack or similar.. to 'renumerate' (i think this is the term) all drives or USB devices on login? The problem we are ... 10 Apr 2006 07:22
ARPC Devices
Hi everyone, I just bought the HP Pavilion a1340n, it came with Windows XP Media Center Edition. I reformatted the hard drive and install Windows XP Professional SP2. I installed all the necessary drivers for this PC and everything seems to be working okay, but under Device Manager it shows one device that ... 9 May 2006 17:07
Closing multiple windows
Does anyone know of a shortcut to close multiple open windows in Win XP ... 31 Mar 2006 20:09
Desktop Icons?
Is there any known way to create an icon for: 1. Device Manager 2. Task Manager Thanks ... 29 Mar 2006 04:53
My PC will not boot and I receive the above message message. I am running XP Home with SP2 Microsoft knowledge base refers to a Windows 2000 problem which does not help me (Article 887359) Googling also mainly returns the same Windows 2000 problem and solution Any easy way to resolve this problem without re inst... 29 Mar 2006 22:09
Anyone who knows how to burn vista into CDs please tell your lord Aquila Deus! :) ... 29 Mar 2006 03:47
Bad Pool Header
I'm getting a Blue Screen Of Death with the error message Bad Pool Header Stop: 0X00000019 (0X00000020, 0X819A0AC8, 0X819A0B10, 0X0A090004) Can Anyone offer any help with these eror codes? ... 23 Mar 2006 15:19
Laptop Advice
I'm looking at purchasing a Gateway Laptop from Staples but thought I would throw it out for discussion here to see if anyone knows of better buys or has had trouble with Gateway Laptops. Am looking at a Gateway notebook w/AMD Athlon 64 processor 3400+ w/512M DDR ram, 80GB HDD, DVD+-RW dual layer, 15.4 high defin... 16 Mar 2006 11:10
Resource Conflict!!!
Hi All, Upon start up my PC has been showing an Event Log Message: Resource Conflict - PCI Network Controller in Slot 01 Bus: 00, Device: 0D, Function: 00 Is this a software or hardware problem? And is it possible to repair? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Jimmy ... 24 Feb 2006 15:57
taskmgr.exe missing
when i do ctrl-alt-delete nothing happens when i type in taskmgr.exe in command prompt it says "Another program is using this file" when i do a search for taskmgr.exe it does not exist when i type regedit in command prompt a black dos screen appears and quickly dissapears and nothing else happens but when i d... 3 Jan 2006 11:56
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