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Vienna backtracks on OpenSource - gives stuff choice or running
Some empty honkie named Ezekiel banged out: "ceed" <cdposter-usenet(a)> wrote in message news:op.u55vvjpf325jvr(a)christian-laptop... On Tue, 05 Jan 2010 18:54:51 -0600, Ezekiel <not-zeke(a)> wrote: What explains its chronic and long-standing problems? Such as? http... 7 Jan 2010 09:01
Arny Krueger getting fucked by boss
Arny Krueger <arnyk(a)> wrote in message news:kMudndIHCLQzUtjWnZ2dnUVZ_oGdnZ2d(a) Undesirable adulteress with naked coont, non-functional hangers, and can't win round-brown thirsts for fat mangroin for dauntless assaults with a friendly weapon and heartless beaver shooting. Contact... 7 Jan 2010 07:55
Measuring Linux Uptake
Some uninformed lumpsucker named 7 ejaculated: Nope. Linux is strong in embedded applications like all Flat TVs sold, all MP3 players sold, DVD players sold, routers sold, digital photo frames sold, ip webcams sold, etc. They are also in 33% of all netbooks sold. Most smartphones are Linux. All e-books ar... 7 Jan 2010 07:55
Is this good buy from Aldi
Some open-ended festered sore named PeeCee intoned: "Peter Clements" <sooolie(a)> wrote in message news:k8k7k597h8r1c4bi5q8r73uleipv5888aq(a) Seems good to me but I am not an expert; WT.mc_id=2010-01-04-12-00 So much RAM and HD... 7 Jan 2010 05:44
Shouldn't feel this way at my age!
Desk Rabbit <me(a)> wrote in message news:hi49o4$967$1(a) I NEED encouragement and support. I have issues, you know. ... 7 Jan 2010 05:44
Which Decade are we in ?
Some beef-witted ferret-badger named Mike Easter wrote in news:7qkcrgFknsU1(a) is the A.D. era calculated as starting from the year that includes the first Christmas or did it start from the following year? The first Christmas? Are you trying to make the first Dec 25 mark somethin... 7 Jan 2010 07:55
Christmas: Why Linux is Better for Music (Ghost of Flatfish
Some footsore cuntbubble named Richard Crowley bewailed: Rock never did anything for me. You've repeated that ad infinitum since a big one landed on your head. -- Test signature ... 7 Jan 2010 10:08
Can Linux get much worse?
Fred Hall wrote: <snip> Obviously -- "This image or video violated out terms of use..." ... 7 Jan 2010 09:02
Retards roundup, please ignore!
I said, ignore this you retard! -- ik vind jou un prachtiguh banale dwe�hrgpapegaai! j� bent nu echt un ��narmiguh mongoloiduh slipw�f! wat ben j� un geneuktuh endom�hfe poppennaaie�h! wat ben j� un zwagtuh aangelengduh pukrukke�hr! ik vind jou un rectaal geneuktuh we�hrkschuw reid! wat ben j� un bruine missel�k... 31 Dec 2009 20:54
Software for remote control of PC?
Im going to be working out of state and my wife depends on me to maintain and keep her XP laptop working. How can I remote to her XP laptop from my XP to view her desktop and control it as if I was there? Is there software that can just be installed on each PC and work point to point without need to subscribe... 28 Dec 2009 08:32
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