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Executing a DTS package from VB
My apologies for cross-posting, but I'm not sure which newsgroup this belongs in. I am attempting to execute a DTS package from Visual Basic, and I'm encountering a problem. In a nutshell, how does a low-level user (from a security standpoint) execute a DTS package? ' here's the relevant part of the VB procedure... 4 Mar 2005 12:25
Hi All Using VB5 sp3 I am already using : InternetOpen InternetConnect FTPopenFile InternetReadFile to download a file from a ftp site without any problems. I am using the InternetReadFile in a loop so that I can keep track and display progress of the number of bytes downloaded as I have alread... 2 Mar 2005 01:49
How to scroll mouse wheel in flexgrid using VB6.0
Hi I have an application in VB6.0,and i used flexgrid to display no.of records from databse.Now i want to view those records by scrolling the mouse wheel without clicking the down-arrow. How can i do this?Is ther any solution. If you know please let me know the solution. Thanks in advance. Mamatha ... 23 Feb 2005 11:42
Flexgrid Sort
I am trying to sort my is my code: flxHistory.Sort = flexSortGenericDescending I have in column 0 a date (dd/mm/yyyy) and column 1 a time (hh:mm:ss) I want to sort latest at top but it isnt working!!! It is sorting by date fine, the time column not so well though. It sorts by hour fi... 19 Feb 2005 00:26
Compile Error: Object Library invalid or contains references to object definitions that could not be found.
I have a user control with a collection and class definition in it. I put the collection and class definitions there to be centralized (Deborah Kurata should be proud of my re-factored code!). I also have 2 other class definitions in 2 other modules (DLLs) that will each have 1 of these collections hanging off of... 16 Feb 2005 17:00
Msgbox beep
Is there a way to turn off the beep when a msgbox is displayed? -Dan ... 16 Feb 2005 11:21
msRdpClient: send data to starting application?
I use msRdpClient on my webbsite to start en application on a terminal server (win2k). This application needs to read data (two strings) that is unique to this terminal server session. Data is from session variables in webapplication. How can I do this? Write a file in the temporary MyDocuments -folder or som... 15 Feb 2005 06:02
Sending mail using CDONTS in VB6
Hi, I need help on this: I have a class that should send mail using CDONTS in vb6 and it looks like my mail is never send to the recipient. I copied this code from the net and it's still does not work: - Note: I added a reference to MS CDO for NTS 1.2 Library Public Function blnSendMail(strTo As String, str... 14 Feb 2005 10:45
Hi I m thinking to build application point of sale system using VB. I have never done before so I'm very much new and couldnt understand where should i start from. Can anyone guide me? Can any one suggest how to print to epson tm88iii printer using vb code...becoz we are going to use that printer... Thanx in adv... 22 Feb 2005 09:34
vb6.olb, vb6ext.olb distributable
I've written and add-in for MS Project. There are references to VB6 and VB6EXT.olb. This does not make sense. My add-in does nothing to VB6. I understand the reference to msprj.olb (or dll) but not the reference to vb6 stuff. Can someone explain please? Thanks, Mark ... 12 Feb 2005 17:12
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