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ActiveReports 2.0 Viewer Issue.
We are on VB 6.0 and we use ActiveReports 2.0 as our reporting tool. We are currently designed a new report in ActiveReports 2.0 that shows up on ActiveReport Viewer however, this report does not show up in the viewer on consistent basis. Sometimes, the report shows up, sometimes i have to click twice to display th... 20 Dec 2007 11:24
ListView FindItem
VB6SP6 Is there a faster way to see if a subitem entry exists in a ListView than ListView.FindItem(something, lvwSubItem) ? Or is that something I can use in parallel with a ListView that I can enter an item in both controls and see if it exists in this other control as a test? Also, if I specify a control as so... 9 Dec 2007 22:39
SxS DLL location
Is there some convenient way to determine the location of a SxS installed DLL (in this case, msvcr80.dll). Since it can no longer be installed in the app folder or the system folder, it must be installed as a SxS via a redist program. All I need to do now is to determine where on the hard drive it's installed... 9 Dec 2007 22:39
[VB5+MSINET.OCX] Err 13/Type Mismatch?
Hello I found some code on the Net that lets me download files with HTTP through the MSINET.OCX control. This program is used to update an application automatically when the user logs on. Problem is, I get an Err 13/Type Mismatch after successfully downloading the first file of two. For some reason, the er... 12 Nov 2007 19:20
Trouble with setting cursor at mouse-click
Have a VB6 ActiveX dll with a form with a multiline textbox. I need to get the line number at a right mouse click and so far no success with this yet. There is no problem when I move the cursor to the right place (with for example the up or down keys) but I can't set the cursor at the position of the right mouse... 12 Nov 2007 06:18
5904 - Cannot Edit Range
Hi All I'm looping an array of text into a number of cells in 1 x MS Word table via my VB6 app. To make sure each text value is on a new line of the table cell I put a carriage return/paragraph marker after it. To start with I used oDoc.Range.Text = oDoc.Range.Text & vbCrLf, but for some reason this always... 9 Oct 2007 15:09
Hi all, I posted this question already in ...visual.misc, but it seems that this group is more widely used. I would like to place a checkmark in a MSHFlexGrid, but it can't be represented with a Chr(). I now use a bold "V" but a real checkmark would centainly look better. Has anyone an idea how to create i... 23 Sep 2007 16:52
hallo zusammen i use the script control, but i have a big problem. here is my source code Class cEval: ========== Function vEval(ByVal Expression As String) As Variant Dim osc As New MSScriptControl.ScriptControl On Error GoTo OnError osc.Language = "VBScript" vEval = CVar(osc.Eval(Expression... 21 Aug 2007 04:19
Problem with Terminal service virtual channel on VB6
Hi Everyone, I have implemented sending message via virtual channel to terminal service server app in C#. However, due to the project requirement, I need to re-write this in VB6. And I am having issues with MsRdpClient31.CreateVirtualChannels and MsRdpClient31.SendOnVirtualChannel methods. I received Method ... 20 Aug 2007 16:20
Make ListView transparent
Is there any way... API to make ListView control transaparent. I am using V6SP6. Thanks in advance. ... 19 Aug 2007 13:33
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