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Help with trim!
Hi, I have an address that comes though which may be 69-79 RUBY STREET or 129-179 RUBY STREET etc. I want to be able to do a sum on these addresses i.e. 79-69 or 179-129 so I can tell how many houses are within that specific block. Is this possible? Appreciate the help Thanks Damon ... 7 Mar 2006 11:56
Network Drive Not Ready
Because I am using a USB network adapter sometimes when my XP machine boots up the device is not ready when XP attempts top map the server drive. The icon on my computer has a red X across it. I tried to write a VB6 program that will keep trying to connect using the "WNetAddConnection2" command. Unfortunately it... 28 Feb 2006 21:16
Shellexecute in VB6
I'm using ShellExecute inVB6 to launch a powerpointveiwer presentation like this; ShellExecute Me.hwnd, "Open", "D:\play.bat", vbNullString, "D:\", SW_SHOWNORMAL and need to know when the presentation has finished. I want my VB program to still be running and send commands to the PPT stuff using sendkeys but ... 19 Feb 2006 05:15
Shutdown dialog Box
What is the call to display the Windoes shutdown dialog box (as if i pressed shutdown on the Start menu) ... 15 Feb 2006 20:12
SetTimer vs. Timer Control
Can anyone share some insight on the use of SetTimer vs. Timer Control? My component has a lengthy initialization process. I want the client's object creation to return asap, and I will later notify the client when data is ready via asynchronous call-back. Using Sub Main(), would it not be just as easy to load a... 7 Feb 2006 18:19
How do I get the datacombo to display one value and return another. Right now I have this but it displays and returns the same value. Set DataCombo1.RowSource = mrsCustTA DataCombo1.ListField = "Description" Thanks for any help you can give. ... 7 Feb 2006 09:24
Hide Column in MSHFlexgrid
Hello, I am trying to hide a column in a MSHFlexgrid When i try: MSHFlexGrid1.ColIsVisible(4) = False I get a compile error: "Assignment to constant not permitted" I do not want to set the column's width to 0 because, i have resizable columns. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks! ... 1 Feb 2006 10:20
Run-time error 3706
I have a program developed in Visual Basic 6 that uses an Access database. The program has almost 500 users now and someone called today asking about a run-time error I have never seen before. It is: "Run-Time Error 3706: Provider cannot be found. may not be properly installed." The error pops as soon as the... 2 Feb 2006 12:27
System Error &H80004015 (-2147467243) running VB6 IDE ActiveX DLL
I have the following problem: -I start VB 6 (SP6 with Windows XP SP2); -I choose to create a new "ActiveX DLL"; -I create a Sub foo() End Sub - Press F5 to Run - In "Project Properties - Debugging" I select "Wait for components to be created" - (The problem happens with all the options anyway) - I press ... 2 Feb 2006 06:05
Change language keyboard
Hello all, "the following message was sent to another ng also - with no luck ..." i have three languages installed in my system. How can i change them through code ? My plan is, when a TextBox that receives only one language info gots focus the prefered language is selected. As soon as it loses focus another... 6 Feb 2006 02:38
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