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Progressbar in Listview v5 ?
hi, its is possible to show progressbar in listview (version 5) ? or anyone can point me to a activex control which can do that. thanks, abhishek ... 16 Nov 2009 06:51
Creating a Moving Vertical Line
Usually, when I want to create a vertical line that can be moved across a PicBox, I simply add a Line control onto the PicBox during design time. However, I'm opening up PicBoxes during Run-time from a PicBox control array, loading and unloading them. When I load a new picbox, it won't have a line control with... 4 Nov 2009 15:20
MS video control (msvidctl) to implement digital tv (dmb-th) with
Dear support, I am developing a software with VB6 (WinXP SP2, DirectX 9.0c) and using ms video control (msvidctl) to implement digital tv (dmb-th) watching feature, but we can't get it work. Code can be run successfully without any error / warning, but just a black screen with no video and no sound. Below is... 2 Nov 2009 21:18
Terminate inet control activity instantly
My program uses an inet control to check for a new version on the server. Trouble is (occasionally) the users Internet connection is very weak or they close the program immediately on startup while the control is still connecting. I have this code in the form unload to close down the connection - inetFTP.Exec... 2 Nov 2009 21:18
Tamper-proof way of storing files external to exe (images, configuration files etc)
"John Smith" <spam(a)> wrote in message news:uELuESyWKHA.4360(a)TK2MSFTNGP04.phx.gbl... I will need to update files related to my project regularly (through a separate downloader) and would like to store everything in some sort of container that can't be edited or modified on the clien... 9 Nov 2009 15:32
Is there an easy way via a class or module to implement XMLRPC in a VB6 app without doing it using an external .dll?? Doing a search for XMLRPC info I see a couple of way but by using an external .dll file and I would rather keep things without using one. TIA Rick ... 2 Nov 2009 09:01
VB6: Drag and Drop Text from Web Browser Control
Here's what I have so far: Dim WithEvents htmdoc As HTMLDocument form_load set htmdoc.... Private Function htmdoc_ondragstart() As Boolean Debug.Print "dragging" call copyTextToClipboard End Function Function copyTextToClipboard grabs the text. The above works OK so far, but I'm unable to change the cur... 31 Oct 2009 15:29
Can I use/reference an OCX in a different way?
Hi All I use the MSFLEXGRD.OCX file in my VB6 app so that I can utilise this file's grid-like features. When I originally created my app the idea was that the user would use my installer (used InnoSetup to create it) and at the same time as installing my files, shortcuts, etc it would also install this OCX ... 5 Nov 2009 19:01
Cumulative Update - May 2009
Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 6 Cumulative Update KB957924 anyone tried it? ... 11 Nov 2009 13:31
determine style of a mshflexgrid col
Hello Is it possible to set the style of a column in MHFLexGrid? I want to be able to set the style to a number or to a string When the style of the col is a number, the user cannot insert a string, for example the letter A. In listview I can use the tag for that, but how should I do that in MSHFlexgrid? Thank... 5 Nov 2009 12:16
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