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Is Task Manager Memory Usage Accurate
Trying to finalize and minimize the size of a VB project here and prefer control arrays loaded at form load over independent controls. Never thought about it before but in task manager the arrayed controls actually use more memory than independent controls. Its not a lot just a 100kb or so but is that to be exp... 11 Dec 2009 06:58
Win7 and UAC with VB6 apps
I am setting up a new Win7 32-bit machine. We have a couple of in-house apps that I write in vb6 that we run from the network, after doing a local install to get all the controls and dll's registered. They are installed as domain admin, but should not need admin privs to run. However, when I try logging in a... 11 Dec 2009 21:23
GDIPlus font size (from other post)
Hello, I am not sure if anybody readt my post because I posted it when the thread seemed to be already solved. It isn't... I am still struggeling... So here is my message again. Perhaps anybody has an idea where I am going wrong... There are several places in my code where I could set the size, but the on... 11 Dec 2009 08:03
MSFLXGRD.OCX and Error 747 'Design Time license' missing
Did MS Release a newer version of MSFLXGRD.OCX that breaks legacy VB6 applications? I'm getting this error suddenly: 'Run Time Error 747' " No Design-time license information found for control 'MSFlexGridLib.MSFlexGrid'... I tried using the AddLicense but that failed since the ocx is already in a form/pro... 9 Dec 2009 22:13
Detect Excel application minimize/restore?
I need to be able to detect the event when someone minimizes or restores the Excel application, or switches to another application. How can I do these?? (if it's even possible) Thanks folks! ... 21 Dec 2009 18:05
Sprite Flipping
I am making good progress with a picturebox lasso thanks to Mike. But I am stuck on the last issue. So far I can (1) lasso an area in a picturebox (2) create a sprite and mask (3) show the spite and mask as a moveable sprite on the picturebox (4) move the sprite and mask as desired using the mouse (5) "insert" t... 10 Dec 2009 11:13
Visual Basic ADODB Open Connection Make Table Query
I have the following code: - the code runs well, I get a message saying connection is open, but when I try to run the make table query I still get the login prompt - how do I avoid the login prompt? Many thanks! Dim qryArch112 As String qryArch112 = "" qryArch112 = "select DBOBJECTS_UDWEBFORMS_ARCHFRM_11... 21 Dec 2009 13:34
SendKeys in VB6 (and Windows Script Host)
Microsoft has committed to support VB6 applications in Vista and Windows 7. However, it appears that support for VB Sendkeys is still lacking. The latest updates for Windows Vista and Windows 7 appear to support Sendkeys ONLY if UAC is turned off. For customers who use an older (VB6) version of our product... 21 Dec 2009 13:34
What is advantage of using a resouce file as opposed to a string variable?
I've read Karl's article about using a .res file and LoadResData to store and transfer data, but why is this better than just using a string variable? I need to pump a load of data into a user-defined array (88 piano keys!) once only at startup and in the past I have handled that kind of task by sticking the dat... 16 Dec 2009 14:38
Can't register Windows Scripting Host with Windows 7
I have a vb6 app. which uses Windows scripting host. The inno installer has always worked well on Windows 95 through to Vista but on Windows 7 produces this error. C:\Windows\system32\wshom.ocx unable to register the Dll\OCX: regsvr32 failed with error code 0x5 Any ideas? I've heard the installation of window... 5 Dec 2009 19:34
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