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The How To Change IP Question
Notice that once we suggested that the person asking how to change an IP address in VB might be writing a rogue program such as a spybot, there have been no more posts about it. Did we just rat out someone? ... 15 Feb 2010 13:14
Weird mouse behavior
Hi Kevin, maybe I had the same problem. I randomly got double clicks when I just clicked once or a click when I did't click at all. Try to replace the mouse. It worked for me. I still don't understand why the same mouse worked fine with another PC. Helmut. "C. Kevin Provance" <*@*.*> schrieb im Newsbeitra... 13 Feb 2010 16:05
Non English string ?
What is the best way to determine if a string contains "non Eglish" character ? TIA ... 16 Feb 2010 22:55
Send an email
I'm actualy using Visual Basic for Applications in Access 2000 Windows XP [Tried the access group and only got the reply (buy) and use our smtp server] [I am used to including and using some Windows API calls] I would like to send and email messages directly from vb code without first installing a third party ... 17 Feb 2010 21:22
Just what is "Visual Basic for Applications"
I know I am not the first person to be confused by the myriad of languages that have assumed the mantle of "Visual Basic". Can somebody please clarify for me (multiple corroborating responses would be appreciated): Is "Visual Basic for Applications" ("VBA") another name for "Visual Basic 6.0" ("VB6"), or is V... 18 Feb 2010 05:03
Creating ADD ONS
Suppose you have a VB6 application that is already completed, but you want to now add new functionality by way of ADD ONS that are purchased separately. What is the direction one would take to do this? For example, say you have a stock charting program and you want to make available various 'modules' that a us... 25 Feb 2010 17:08
Tracking whats in Each Picturebox
I have multiple pictureboxes. Picturebox 0 is design and the rest are created at run time. I want to draw three line in picturebox 0. Prior to drawing I update my structure Type TPBox(PBoxNumber) LineNo As Long FirstInPBox As Boolean End Type For the 1st line I set "FirstInPBox = True" (this co... 12 Feb 2010 12:21
Differences between VB5 and VB6
I'm an old school QuickBasic programmer with hundreds of programs that will not work on my new 64-bit computer. In the past, I've used VB5 only when QB won't do it (e.g. mouse support). Now I'm about to re- write my programs in VB before my old computer bytes the dust. Should I upgrade to VB6? Should I learn VB... 18 Feb 2010 09:28
Permission of EXE ActiveX running IIS-W7 Classic ASP
Hello- Running VB6 object (EXE ActiveX) on IIS-7 Classic ASP page, get Err: Permission denied… Sample of problem: 1. I create a EXE ActiveX with VB6, that's simple: Project Name: Something Class: Greeting Code: ---------------------- Option Explicit Public Function Hello() Hello = "Hello " + F... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
Windows must be restarted after Pgm installed
Using VB5. Windows must be restarted after installing my VB5 program on a Win XP computer. This is something that has not happened before. What I have done different is to include the vbSendMail.dll and the mswinsck.ocx for the first time. When I run the VB5 setup wizard to create the application, the wizar... 10 Feb 2010 17:58
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