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trouble with Winsock control....
I didn't have any luck posting this over in the 'Controls' group, so I'm reposting it here: Hi All, I'm sure this has been covered before, but I haven't found anything that seems to help. I'm trying to read the raw html data from a web page, so that I can parse it and extract the information I need. The ... 1 Mar 2010 15:20
Argument not optional in VB6 function
I'm trying to use a simple function, and pass two integer values to it. Function Readb(intDev as Integer, intBank As Integer) Do something End Function Using Readb 2,0 works fine, but Using Readb txtBank.text results in an 'Argument not optional' error message. in the text box is 2,0 or 2, 0 - e... 28 Feb 2010 12:15
Is there a way to convert a .TIF file in VB6
Hello. I want to develop a VB6 program to convert a .TIF file to a .JPG file. Is that possible using VB6? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks, Tony ... 8 Mar 2010 19:50
Creating formatted XLS file with VB6
Hi I'm creating a new Excel file (referenced: Microsoft Excel 10.0 Object Library) and I have a column of 13 digit numbers which Excel being helpful as usual is showing in scientific notation, I've tried prefixing the column content with an apostrophe which works for CSV files being read into Excel but appar... 5 Mar 2010 07:14
need socket ocx recommendation
Hello , Currently I use api socket ocx downloaded from I plan to replace it with other ocx that works better soon. Could you give me information about the best socket ocx ? I also have another question : Is there any socket ocx that has multithread capability on windows ? Thank... 26 Feb 2010 10:47
Add Property to MS VB Objects
In this case a picturebox? Currently I use a structure which tracks each picturebox and holds the variables I need. However, if it is possible to add a property to the MS Picturebox object, this structure could be eliminated. ... 26 Feb 2010 17:36
STUMPED! VB6 app on Win7 64 system, how do IF statements work when they contain AND?
"mscir" <mscir(a)> wrote in message news:hm6bof$ma7$1(a) I don't think this is causing any speed problems, but I was wondering how IF statements are executed when they include an AND, is the IF evaluated as FALSE if the first condition is FALSE or are both evaluated? VB doe... 25 Feb 2010 17:08
Open ports / Blocking ports
Just to clarify, are you talking about Windows Firewall or ISA or which firewall? ... 25 Feb 2010 11:26
Print API instead of Common Dialog (VB6)
Hi All I've been shyed away from using the common dialog control for my 'open' and 'print' requirements due to bundling issues (I'm trying to do a portable app), resources, etc and although I found a great and straightforward API routine for the 'open' aspect (using the comdlg32.dll API call) there doesn't a... 25 Feb 2010 13:43
Last MSDN applicable to VB6
Hi any one know what is the last MSDN release applicable to VB6 ... 27 Feb 2010 12:09
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