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Font problem
It seems that the Cambria Math font has recently acquired an extremely large Ascent and Descent. Has it perhaps always been that way and I've never noticed it before, or is it something recent, perhaps a Vista thing? Try the following code for example. For Arial and Times New Roman (and virtually all other font... 30 Apr 2010 11:44
Read and Parse Emails using VB
Using a VB5 application, I need code or a dll that will read EMails directed to a specific email address (in a company that has several email addresses), parse thru the Emails and extract certain info (such as Order Num, shipping address etc.). I know how to parse the file, extract info and build another file ... 30 Mar 2010 11:39
Improving Error Routine
I have a central error routine and decided to make some improvements for User Defined Errors. Currently I use Err.Raise (for User Defined Errors) in a local procedure and then pass the Error Description for that error from the local procedure to my central error routine. I thought it would be nice to central... 27 Mar 2010 10:52
locking out part of code in VB6
I'm trying to lock out a part of the code depending on a status flag. However VB insists that it still needs the procedure that I've ocked out. Is there a way to make this work? StandAlone = True If StandAlone Then Call LineXX(0, 0, 100, 100) Else Call LineAA(0, 0, 100, 100) End If ... 26 Mar 2010 20:30
Create ItemCheck event with Listview from Common Controls 5.0
Hello, I'm using the Listview from MS Common Controls 5.0, because it supports XP style and I'm adding checkboxes with the LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES constant. This works fine, but when the user clicks on a checkbox, the data from that row needs to be copied to an other Listview and some other things need to be done. The p... 26 Mar 2010 13:12
Running regsvr32 on win7.64.home
Does anyone know of a resource that I can get caught up to speed with the various flavors of win7 versus installing VB6 apps? I'm a VB6 developer who skipped the learning lessons of Vista. I have just moved to a new Win7 machine and wanted to drop-test some VB6 code to test. In days past, I've been able to copy... 26 Mar 2010 20:30
Error 70 - Permission Denied
I have a small sub that has been in a program for many years. I use the program only once a year in March. The routine is suppose to intercept an ENTER key and create a Tab key input. The routine is: If KeyAscii = vbKeyReturn Then KeyAscii = 0 ' suppress the beep SendKeys "{tab}" End... 25 Mar 2010 20:55
Freeze Event Responses...How?
My app loads data that sometimes can be quite large. When it does, I don't want some events to fire, such as the MouseMove or KeyPress events. The reason is that these events rely on the number of records loaded as a value, such as RecCnt. Until the data is loaded, RecCnt will have a value based on the last data... 30 Mar 2010 22:59
windows mobil develop
Hello everybody! Recently I installed visual studio 2008 on Windows Vista SP2 When I try to start my first mobil application I receive a error message say Can not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplatesCache\VisualBasic\SmartDevice\1033\SmartDeviceWindo... 26 Mar 2010 10:25
UDT in POM as Parameter
I'm a tad baffled as to what I'm doing wrong here. I have a Sub in a Class Module... Public Sub OpenDataBaseArray( arrData() as DATASTRUC) I have the UDT defined in a .bas module as... Public Type DATASTRUC dDate As Date fOpen As Single fHigh ... 26 Mar 2010 09:11
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