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Microphone Vista
I was able to get the Mater Volume and Recording Panels to open on XP but on Vista I cannot. I can control the Master Volume on XP but not the Mic on the two PCs I have. Now I cannot seem to get control on Vista of the volume for anything except CD and Wave (1) how do I access volume control for Master and... 24 Apr 2010 12:48
regtlib.exe and Windows 7
Hi All, I am trying to use regtlib.exe to register some .tlb files on Windows 7 and it is failing with: RegisterTypeLib of [filepath] failed : 8002801c I found a few posts regarding that error but all seemed to end with a continued request for more assistance. Any recommendations, advice or answers? ... 26 Apr 2010 17:14
RollUp by Date
I'm doing a date rollup. The rollup period varies based on user input. The following sub works EXCEPT when I cross Over midnight, the rollup begin time needs to reset for a new day with the new being time being midnight and the new end time being midnight plus the user specified rollup period (e.g. 15 minute... 23 Apr 2010 23:20
vb script for opening notepad
Hi, I am a newbie to vb...Can somebodyprovide me a simple vb script for opening notepad in vista using windows shell Thanks VB baby ... 26 Apr 2010 21:45
Why Do 2 Rows Disappear from my DataGridView?
I'm going around circles with this one. In the following code, clicking the Yes button makes 2 rows disappear from the DataGridView, (which I don't want) but only 1 delete from the underlying db (as desired). clicking the No button makes 1 row disappear from the DataGridView, (which I don't want) with none del... 22 Apr 2010 23:06
Hello - I have a general question re executables. If users have a shortcut to an executable that resides on an application server, where is the application actually "running" from? Does it "run" on the client computer? Does a copy of it "run" on the client computer? How many people can run a shortcut that ... 27 Apr 2010 08:47
I am using a datagrid on several forms within the same VB 6.0 project. I have it's datasource as an ADO data control. I load the datacontrol from an SQL and the info is populated into the datagrid. I am using the grid on about four forms. On the last form, everytime I make a change in any cell and try to mo... 22 Apr 2010 16:37
VB6 and Excel
I am using VB6 - SP5 with Microsoft Office\Office\EXCEL9.OLB#Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library. I have been creating delimited files which I than imported in to Excel. I only needed to do this a couple of times a year. I am now looking at a project where this may need to be done a number of times a day. First try ... 26 Apr 2010 13:48
Address parsing algorithm needed please
Hi, I'm looking for an Address parsing algorithm in VB6/VBA, preferably for UK addresses. I want to replicate what Microsoft Outlook does if you paste an complete address in the address field of a Contact record when the Check Details box pops up with an estimated parsing into Street, City, Region etc. (Have G... 23 Apr 2010 06:36
Show a previous instance of app running in system tray
Hi, I have an app that runs in the system tray and you click on the icon to use functions within the app. Occasionally I have noticed that for some reason the app is running but no icon is showing in the system tray, which means you cannot access the app. When I start a new instance of the app it tells me tha... 27 Apr 2010 12:13
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