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Listbox with icons?
I'd like to have a listbox with icons to the left and several lines of text to the right. Largish icons 16x16 or 32x32. I want to dress up a list box of configuration (INI) files with the icon images referenced from within those INI files. Kinda useless but it adds more graphic appeal to the program. Howe... 17 Mar 2010 22:19
File System Object (Loop through files)
On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 06:37:28 +0500, "Good Night" <noEmail(a)> wrote: I'm not really sure what you mean by pathlist? Ofcourse I could check the extension inside the loop but I want to filter it at loop level not inside the loop. So if there are 200 files in the folder and only 10 of them are zip fil... 16 Mar 2010 23:14
Copy File to Linux Server
I'm trying to write some vb code (to eventually become VBA code within Excel) that can copy a file from my client pc to my linux server and rename it (or, if not possible, to leave the name the same). After much searching on the net, this is what I've come up with so far. Option Explicit Private Decla... 23 Mar 2010 20:38
Possible VB6 Timer function bug?
I am using the VB6 Timer function and have found something that seems strange. My CheckExpiration function takes the prior timer value and a timespan, and returns whether the timespan has transpired. The top of the function looks like this: Private Function CheckExpiration(ByVal LastTime As Single, _ ... 18 Mar 2010 11:43
Run time error 4003→what can I do ?
Sorry! I posted to Dee's reply instead of here so look there. -- Garry ... 15 Mar 2010 17:01
Run time error 4003?what can I do ?
on 3/15/2010, Dee Earley supposed : On 15/03/2010 01:07, freedom wrote: I wrote a code in VB6: ~~ Set xlapp = CreateObject("excel.application") xlapp.Visible = True Set xlbook ="C:\a.xls") Set xlsheet = xlbook.worksheets(1) xlsheet.Activate ~~ It can run in... 15 Mar 2010 15:51
Problems with Error 3021 - No Current Record
Using VB6 - SP5 MS Access (MDB) data file. I'm having problems with Error 3021 "No Current Record" error. I have reviewed the code - every .Update statement is preceded by either a ..AddNew or a .Edit. In an attempt to find where this is occurring, I have every instance of data file access (seek/read - edit - ... 18 Mar 2010 09:21
Microsoft Excel Object Library missing from IDE
Hi, This is my first attempt at using VB6 to export an excel file. The Microsoft Excel Object Library that I apparently need is missing from my Available References in the IDE. I thought that I might need to have Excel installed on my computer. I Googled for Excel. The best I was able to find was MS Office Exc... 16 Mar 2010 12:33
Flag test
I'm trying to test the keyboard input for the LLKHF_INJECTED flag. I got this from a forum: It means the flags member is a bitmasked value so you can extract usable information by hit-testing it against predefined masks: Private Const LLKHF_EXTENDED = &H1 Private Const LLKHF_INJECTED = &H10 Private Co... 16 Mar 2010 22:07
Spritley Old Guy
Still working with sprites. Well ... trying. I have an image (i call it a positive for lack of a better definition) that I want to make into a sprite. I then need to create the sprite mask (the mask). The positive is picture and not necessiarly line art (that would be simpler). I copy the positive to the m... 2 Apr 2010 07:07
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