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Automation "Object invoked has disconnected...." error
I have a VB6 application which installed in several environments and it has been working fine for years. Suddenly I have 1 Win2K user that is receiving the error "Automation Error: The object invoked has disconnected from its client" -2147417848. The process happens when a 3rd party OCX is invoked by this st... 23 Jan 2006 09:33
Fax Server Name
I'm using FAXCOMEX to send faxes from VB program I have shared Fax Server on my network server (Windows 2003). The name of the server is "BIGDELL". It's in my home network. I have no problem with sending fax by using this code: strFaxPrinterName = "BIGDELL" objFaxServer.Connect (strFaxPrinterName) is t... 23 Jan 2006 21:02
"Object library not registered" error
Hello. I am receiving the error in the subject line at compilation on the following declaration within a form file: Dim rsBanks as ADODB.Recordset. I have a reference in the project to the Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.7 Library. Meanwhile, an earlier-created executable from this project continues to r... 18 Jan 2006 14:59
run time error
Got Run-Time error: -2147024894(80070002) Method 'Run' of object 'IWshShell3' failed how wshould i go about it? cheers, Nuti ... 17 Jan 2006 22:36
MSDN98, MSDN Library Visual Studio 6.0a
In my Win 98 computer, VB6, IE6 with SP1. When I open help in Visual Basic 6, and select any tab other than the Contents Tab. When I click a link in the page I get error: mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program%20Files\Microsoft%20Visual%20Studio\MSDN98\98VSa\1033\vbenlr98.chm::/HTML/vafctdir.htm Also the Example images on top o... 9 Jan 2006 14:21
Hello, i am creating a system where i add, amend and delete data from my database. i have been looking at vb6 and ado and dao. i have been told to go for ado objects such as recordsets and connection. (adodb). I have used VBA before and have managed to create a system using it. I have used my vba code to crea... 30 Dec 2005 09:26
CreateObject Error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set
Hi I have some code which uses CreateObject e.g. Dim XLApp As Object Set XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") MsgBox XLApp.Version On most PCs this works fine but we have 2 new (Win XP) PCs where this produces Error 91 Object variable or With block variable not set The error occurs even wh... 2 Dec 2005 19:16
Run time error 3021
Hello Group, I build a project which uses ADO for connecting to a FoxPro database through system DSN. These DSN uses Microsoft Visual Foxpro Driver (Version 6.01.8629.01; vfpodbc.dll) I installed it on some machines. few of them r running fine but on I am getting Runtime Error 3021, (Either BOF or EOF is tru... 23 Nov 2005 01:57
Does the function UCase take a long time to do ? (If I do it in a loop) Thanks. ... 7 Nov 2005 14:40
Error from Hell: Overflow
Hi, My VB6 (SP6) app produces an Overflow error and bombs. I use Win XP (Sp2). 1) Program has Option Explicit. So every variable is typed. 2) Program works fine on one computer, but not on another! 3) Error is intermittent. 4) Sometimes it overflows even on VB timer function. I am using a dll that ... 30 Oct 2005 19:38
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