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Converting decimal to BCD (binary coded decimal)...
Hi All, Is there a handy way to convert a decimal value to it's equivalent BCD representation in VB?? I need to send some data to a controller that expects date data in BCD. For example the month of October (decimal 10) would be sent as "16" (BCD equivalent of 10). Thanks! John ... 11 Oct 2005 19:39
Transparent Picturebox
Hi I've a form with on it a picturebox. How can I make the picturebox transparent, so I can see the form (and it's controls) it's on thru it. Thx B. ... 11 Oct 2005 09:39
Hello. I'm trying to build a simple program that can just grab and parse an email. I was told that the function MapiReadMail() could do this, but I can't figure out how to use it. Can someone please post a simple example of how to grab a message from a server? thanks, iwp506 ... 26 Sep 2005 18:15
MSChart Datapointlabel.text
Has anyone succeeded in setting the mschart Datapointlabel.Text property. If so please let me know how. Thanks, Bart ... 26 Sep 2005 08:52
calling function with dll files
i'm doin vb and smart card reader project. paste gsdkpcsc.dll on the my vb project folder also at c/windows.system32/drivers folder. i made my program but can't call the function. can u check my codes? visual basic code:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Priva... 29 Sep 2005 09:32
decompile exe
Is there anyway to decompile a exe? We deployed a new exe in production and one of the guys who did the work left the company and he left the code(project) checked out from sourcesafe and the destop team wipe the drive. I have the latest exe but the code is with changes is gone. ... 23 Sep 2005 04:42
Monitor Files Copy Activities
I am to write a program to track files copying activities on a PC. From what I understand ReadDirectoryChangesW can only detect: FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_FILE_NAM FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_DIR_NAME FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_ATTRIBUTES FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_SIZE FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_LAST_WRITE FILE_NOTIFY_CHANGE_LAST_ACCESS F... 14 Sep 2005 09:25
Run-time error '20535'
I am opening a Crystal Report file that will be dependent on the value that will be pass from VB6. Here is the exact error: 'Error in File <C:\Path of Crystal Report File>: Unable to connect: incorrect session parameters.' I have tried using a database without database password and this error does not appe... 18 Sep 2005 20:58
Memory Full Error VB 6
Hi, I am getting this error in my VB 6 program. The backend is SQL Server 2000. When using the program processing orders in about after 20 - 30 orders I am getting this runtime error -2147206398 (80043b02)Memory full. I am setting my rs as new ADOBD record but I am closing the rs after every use. Nothi... 12 Sep 2005 20:21
I wrote a few programs a while back ago that used this control to play mp3s. Back then it worked just fine. Now i was writing a new program using this control and it plays .wav files just fine, but will not play mp3s. I checked back with the code i used in my past programs, tried the programs and i get the s... 7 Sep 2005 10:50
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