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Reconnection issue between Winsock Server(VB6) and TCP Client (VB.NET)
I have a program (Winsock Server) written with VB6 which is connected by a TCP Client (written in VB.NET). The developer who writes the TCP Client told me that the TCP Client can't reconnect to my Program (Winsock Server) after TCP Client crashes or restarts. It can only reconnect to my program after my program'... 6 Aug 2010 12:42
how to create a 4 parameter logistic equation curve ( 4 P L Curve
how to create a 4 parameter logistic equation curve ( 4 P L Curve ) with VB , VBA or Excel? instead of using MatLab or other Math add-in ? thanks in advance ... 4 Aug 2010 10:20
Thread hijacking (Was: Unicode API)
On 03/08/2010 23:58, Mike Williams wrote: "Tom Shelton" <tom_shelton(a)comcast.invalid> wrote in message news:i3a2ho$4a6$1(a) Mike Williams said : Alternately? Why would he want to keep swapping between the two different methods? Why not simply use StrPtr or alternativ... 4 Aug 2010 04:56
Any thoughts? Application error .data not place into memory because of an I/O error
Folks The following problem has been reported twice on two separate systems at one particular client The instruction at 0x7344de72 referenced memory at 004bac40. The required data was not placed into memory because of an I/O error status of 0000000c4 Given that the VB6 exe resides on the server I'm thinki... 5 Aug 2010 20:18
Unicode API
I'm curious. By accident, my particular API viewer was generating W versions of APIs I commonly use. I only caught it because the APIs were failing. Specifically I was using FindWindowEx. The declare for the W was exactly the same as the A, the difference being the Alias. So why would it fail? I'm on XP... 13 Aug 2010 05:59
System Timer Callback?
This question may not be appropriate to this forum, but it does involve VB6. This question concerns the fact that when using the MCI control in synchronous mode, all VB events, including the Timer Control, are suspended during a "Play" command. This can be circumvented by using asynchronous mode instead and l... 4 Aug 2010 18:00
vb6 xpsp3 DEP stops P&D generated setup.exe
I wrote a VB6 program used the P&D Wizard to make the setup package. I tried to install it on my machine to test the installer script because there are a couple of files that have to be installed in subfolders of the app.path, but when I ran setup.exe I got a DEP warning: Data Execution Prevention - Microsoft ... 2 Aug 2010 20:16
Get Selected Path From Explorer
Using XP: Writing a quick editing program where I want to select the file in Windows Explorer, right click and bring up a menu, select my program and have it open the file that was selected in Windows Explorer. All internet searches to get the File name and Path from Windows Explorer have failed. Have thoug... 8 Aug 2010 13:25
How to save a picturebox's image to a .PNG file? (VB6)
Hi all! I have a little program (written in VB6) that saves the image in a picturebox to a BMP file. The problem is that BMP files are several megabytes in size and do not support DPI (dots-per-inch) information for printing. I have turned to the PNG format which provides lossless compression (files are only... 13 Aug 2010 17:58
Are PDB files used by VB6
Hi, I noticed that some of my projects have several pdb files in them, but not all the projects. I searched google and found that they seem to be referenced as Palm Data Base, but was not able to find if they are created by VB or if they are needed. Are they similar to the obj files and if used by VB will th... 3 Aug 2010 23:32
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