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Loading Excel via VB - Resize issue with over 255 characters in a
I am loading Excel with data and doing this in via SSIS. I am using a command such as: myWorkSheet.Range("A1").Resize(mydt2.Rows.Count, myColumnsCount).Value = myArray4 The Array is already dimensioned correctly - 2 dimensional. What I am seeing is that Resize is truncating any data that is over 25... 9 Jul 2010 12:46
How rreliable is the CLSID method of obtaining a file location?
Folks I'm wanting to determine the version of various DAO, MSJet, ACE and ADO DLLs. One means of doing this is by using a CSIDL to get to C:\Program Files\Common Files\system\ado\msado15.dll (or close and then adding on system\ado as requiired.) Elsewhere it has been suggested that I should use the CLSID. ... 10 Jul 2010 19:20
problem emailing attachment with COD method
"LBS" <1(a)> wrote in message news:OPCGQtfHLHA.5680(a)TK2MSFTNGP05.phx.gbl... I am using the following code to email contents with attachments. There is no problem when I use an email "TO" that belong to the exchange server domain I am using. The problem exists when I try to email to an email... 10 Jul 2010 19:20
Creating an IE style Menu bar using a hybrid api ocx
Is it possible to create an ie style Menu bar using a either a hybrid of api and common controls ocx or pure api? here is the code I have tried to use: You will need one common controls 5 ToolBar on the form. Option Explicit Private Declare Function GetWindowLong Lib "user32" Alias "GetWindowLongA" (ByVal hwnd... 12 Jul 2010 05:16
count colors in bitmap
Hi Is there a way that I can quickly count the number of unique colors in a bitmap using VB6? I have found some examples on the web which seem to work fine but they are all quite slow, taking about two seconds to count the number of unique colors in a 1600 x 1200 pixel bmp. Can it be done any faster than this? ... 16 Jul 2010 15:29
en/decrypting strings
Hi, For my applications I use the following class: Imports System.Security.Cryptography Imports System.IO Imports System.Text 'SymmCrypto is a wrapper of System.Security.Cryptography.SymmetricAlgorithm classes 'and simplifies the interface. It supports customized SymmetricAlgorithm as well. 'Original C... 7 Jul 2010 10:10
find all files with named extn on all drives
Hi Finding all files with named extn on a single drive I have no problems with , but can someone give me a link to helpful code so I can find all files with named extn on all drives on my computer. ... 7 Jul 2010 04:43
VBA code to go to a bookmarked drop down goes to wrong drop down
I am using vba code to perfprm a variety of tasks; the code is working fine, except, the last action before re protecting the form is to go to a specific bookmarked drop down 'byelaw1' but it goes to 'byelaw2' instead: Sub Onexitclassification() If ActiveDocument.FormFields("pclassificationDD").Result = "CASB(B)/ Of... 6 Jul 2010 10:04
How to get the Device Instance Path
With using VB6, does anyone know how to get the device instance path if you know the device name (or any other way)? This is for a USB device. The device instance path can be seen in the details tab for the properties dialog of the device in device manager. My goal is to launch the properties dialog for this de... 6 Jul 2010 20:04
How to view a DLL property page in VB6?
I have a communication device who's drivers have installed it as a comport device in device manager (which it should). When you view the properties of the comport device (double click the device as it is listed in device manager) a custom properties page is displayed for the device by an associated DLL for the... 6 Jul 2010 04:39
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