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Reading keyboard's key names (Internalization)
Hi all! I'm trying to make my little app "international-aware" and I'm using the GetKeyNameText() function to retrieve the name of a key. The function works good in getting the key names based on the current keyboard layout. The reason I'm doing this is because users of my app will be able to access the setting... 13 Aug 2010 00:37
Class Access
I have some ActiveX code, both EXE and DLL that I wrote. It all seems to work but I occasionally have a weird thing happen. The code runs through Class_Terminate before Class_Initialize. I do not see why but it may be because I am working in the IDE and maybe this app is not closing as I thought or does the Set cE... 10 Aug 2010 18:02
Error 32765
I have several VB6 programs which I have written using the Common Dialog box COMDLG32.OCX and they all work fine. Suddenly this week on my own PC (Windows 7 - 64 bit - Home Premium) all these programs throw up the error quote Run-time error '32765' The common dialog function failed during initialization. th... 10 Aug 2010 16:56
finding position of worksheet
In Excel 2003, I am attempting to automatically place a VBA form on a worksheet at a constant position relative to the worksheet, not at a constant position on the screen. I want the code to identify the worksheet's position, then use the information to assign the corrent coordinates for the form. I tried... 8 Aug 2010 18:56
Cleanup remnants
Cleanup remnants If my VB6 app crashes, it may leave some files and ActiveX EXEs running. I plan to remove those when the app starts up again (by the user). I know how to deal with files, but how do I deal with the ActiveX EXEs? In Process Explorer I can Kill them. How do i find and kill them from my app after i... 8 Aug 2010 20:02
compile error Only udts defined in public object modules can be coerced ...
more an observation than a question, but I welcome any discussion that follows.... seems strange i can't define a private udt inside a private class and pass it to private/or public proceedures inside the class itself. compile error Only user-defined types defined in public object modules can be coerced to ... 8 Aug 2010 12:20
Temp File -- got me stumped
NOTE: Questions follow ///////////////////////////////// separator I'm using a routine from an MS Program. The procedure does the following: Open szFileName For Input As #1 'Open the next file to search. strTempFile = GetTempPath() & "~~temp.sar" Open strTempFile For Output As #2 'Open a ... 8 Aug 2010 16:44
ReplyMessage Question.
I'm using SendMessage and ReplyMessage in communicating between two apps. Due to an oversight on my part, I was sending a ReplyMessage that wasn't preceeded by a SendMessage, although nothing appeared to cause any errors, I was just wondering what happens if a ReplyMessage is executed essentially without reaso... 6 Aug 2010 19:19
Make a Backup
I am using Randy Birch's CopyFileEx: Create a File Backup App Option Explicit Private Const FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY As Long = &H10 I am stuck as I cannot see why this line of code does not work:- 1. When they are equal 2. When they are not equal I am getting the same result nothing within the if statemen... 8 Aug 2010 16:44
ini in app.pth works for xp, best practice for Vista/W7?
I use an ini file in the app.path for a program that runs on XP. What is considered the best practice for deciding where to save the ini file on Vista or W7? I read this thread which recommended this approach: Option... 8 Aug 2010 21:07
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