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How to get the value of the prompt environment variable
I need a way to get the value of the %prompt% environment variable. I would prefer it actually if I could get the value from a more reliable source as this is a console app I'm writing. -- ClassicVB Users Regroup! comp.lang.basic.visual.misc Free usenet access at ... 14 Jul 2010 18:45
How do I add a domain user account to a local group
I want to add a domain account to a local group during my setup process. At this point the computer has joined the domain but is not logged into it. I've tried using the DirectoryEntry object without success. Dim sUserDN As String = "CN=Me,OU=MyOU,DC=MyDom,DC=com" Dim deUser As New System.DirectoryServic... 14 Jul 2010 08:46
CLSID Error; VB6/SP6
Solved! I looked at the error log generated by the application and figured it was related to a third Active X. I reinstalled/regristered the ActiveX... works now. The baffling thing is how this happened just suddenly when the same system worked OK the previous day. Ok I panicked that's why I did not check th... 13 Jul 2010 16:27
The instruction at xxxx referenced memory.... After DotNet update
I have been having a bitxx of a time trying to track this down and am looking for some help. A few years ago I wrote a VB6 program. It has run great until recently. After installing a few .net 2.0 and .net 3.0 updates, the program throws this error message everytime we try and close it. No data is damaged or ... 15 Jul 2010 03:25
OleDB Select Top statement not returning data??
The while returns no data at all (msgbox doesn't even fire), there should be one row returned. When I execute this exact statement against the same access database within Microsoft Access I get my one row. Any ideas? MsgBox("building sql") Dim SQLcmd As String = String.Form... 14 Jul 2010 05:31
Problem using MsgHook to send msg to running app (Fixed)
I think that I cause more problems than I fix. lol I had used a different way of writing to the registry in the new version of the app and apparently it was not the same. When I went back to the old way the app worked. Sorry for all of my confusion and thanks Karl. Norm ... 13 Jul 2010 20:51
Problem using MsgHook to send msg to running app
Hi, I am having a problem that I do not understand at all. :D I am trying to send a message to a running app called FileClean. This is a new version and the message hook is not able to obtain a hwnd for the running app. It does work with the older version, but I have not been able to find any difference's i... 12 Jul 2010 21:51
ADO Recordset Find Record
Hi... I'm using VB6.0 in a Windows XP environment with Microsoft Access 2000 databases. I have a datagrid on my form attached to and adodc data control. I load the data control with data from my Access 2000 table. One column is "[Rider Name]". I want to do a find on the "Patient" (or [Rider Name]). In a c... 13 Jul 2010 05:27
Update a radio button by combobox selection
Hi, In a VS2008 VB project, I have a combobox that gets its value from a table with three columns. I want to display one column in the combobox, write the value of the second column back to a different table, and I want to change the value of a radio button (on the same form as the combobox) based on the val... 14 Jul 2010 18:45
PDF Viewer/Reader
Hello, I need to find an OCX control that would work in VB6 that allows me to open up PDF files and pull data from them (so that I can store the data in the database for example). We may go the route of using Adobe's control, but we are trying to find something else out there first, either a free control or one... 12 Jul 2010 15:11
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