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SATA Drives - set as IDE or AHCI
I am using pure RAID 5 on barracuda drives but using NVIDIA technology. for up to 16MB the write is fast. read is fairly fast. copy on the same raid is slower but across different volume be IDE and Sata are fast when using matrix 5 with mixed Raid on the same set of spindles, I can see performance degradation whe... 5 Apr 2008 02:18
nvata.sys blue screen, Microsoft IDE driver speed (lack of!)
According to HDTACH (3.0) my SATA hard drive can only manage a burst speed of 7MB/s running the standard M$ IDE drivers. Not surprisingly the sequential access speed also shows as 7MB/s across the whole disk. 8<. Running the nVidia nvata.sys ones it comes in as I'd expect - ~125MB/s burst, 70->40 MB/s sequenti... 17 Jan 2008 10:24
Interesting AGP warning LED problem
Hi, I have Asus P4B533 working for many years with no problem till recently. I had some graphic card-related problems then after next boot ups display didn't come or flickering occured. However now, the display is provided but AGP warning LED lighted up but the most interesting thing is that also standby (green)... 23 Jan 2008 14:33
Asus P4R8L Drivers required......Urgently!!
muttsdanglers wrote: Hello everyone i have a problem, i have an Asus P4R8L motherboard and no drivers at all.....god alone knows what has happened to the disks :( Does anyone know where i can download them please, i have looked around the asus website and came up with nothing so now i need help Re... 21 Dec 2007 16:07
P4C800-Deluxe - refuses to LAN at 1GBit/sec
Have P4C800-Deluxe that refuses to run at 1GBit/sec- old bios, but when I autonegotiate with my brand new Gigabit switch, it refuses any more than 100Mbit/sec. When I fix the speed to 1Gbit/sec, the interface fails (Windows XP says cable unplugged). I thought this board supports 1GBit. This is the first time ... 9 Dec 2007 23:40
Asus P5E Front Panel Audio connection - using SupremeFX II
I have not yet connected the front panel audio to P5E motherboard and would like to avoid the smoke. Please share your experience and advices. My new theory is, that the reason why the AAFP header is not on the motherboard is that the SupremeFX II card is included in the P5E package. Could you confirm or deny the ... 9 Dec 2007 23:39
Asus P5E Front Panel Audio connection
This card has only the ADH header on the motherboard and no AAFP header. In the some of the related boards, such as P5E-VM and P5E-WS, the situation is reverse - there is AAFP header but no ADH header. Then there are boards, such as P5B, which have both headers. The problem that I am trying to solve is to enable t... 9 Dec 2007 23:39
bios Promise Fasttrak ultra 100 PCD20265
I have an ASUS mother board model A7V133 (rev 1009 bios installed) with additional on board controller Fasttrak IDE/RAID Promise ultra 100 PDC20265 supported with original bios (2001 year). I have necessity to use hard disk EIDE larger than 137 GB (48 bit LBA) connected at this controller but the actual insta... 9 Dec 2007 23:39
Bad BIOS Flash P5B-Plus
Hi All, I tried to upgrade my BIOS using the latest version of ASUS Update on Vista x64 system. The first try erased present BIOS and flashed 100%. The checksum verification failed at 0% as seemed unable to read from motherboard. The status screen instructions said to try again. So I tried again and ... 9 Dec 2007 23:39
How to delete Fasttrack 378 BIOS?
As a newbie mobo installer, I mistakenly downloaded and installed the Promise Fasttrack 378 BIOS (v1.00.0.37) on my ASUS P4C800-E. I don't have and don't plan to run a RAID array, so want to uninstall the BIOS from the bootup process (it eats up several seconds of fruitless searching for RAID drives every time I bo... 17 Nov 2007 15:28
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