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(Use google translate in case you can't read dutch maybe then you can make sense of the message below :)) (In short webshop says: Asus warranty starts when they buy it, not when I as consumer buy it ?!?) Hallo, Dit is de tweede webshop die moeilijk doet over garantie. (Betreffende een moederbord van Asus).... 28 Sep 2009 02:40
Problem on Mobo Asus A7N8X
Hello to all A colleague told me to take the computer to his son for troubleshooting: Carte Mere cited above, Athlon XP 2800 +, 512mb DDR2700 Danelec, Hitachi HDD 160GB Symptoms, the PC does not boot, no beep at POST and broken down saved He told me that it is the alim who died. I dismounted and test all compon... 7 Sep 2009 09:56
M2A-VM with Firewire
Hello all... I have an Asus M2A-VM (non-HDMI version) that I'm building into a complete computer system. One of the things that I'll be doing with the completed system is some lightweight to medium duty video editing. As such, I opted to put a Firewire card into one of the expansion slots. And while doing that... 6 Sep 2009 21:59
"An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk6\D during a paging operation."
Motherboard: P5K-E Wifi. Several drives, mostly Seagate. Recently a new bug has started up. No change of hardware or software that I can imagine would cause this: The system locks up for a minute (or several). No keyboard response, no mouse moves. Then comes back for a few seconds, but locks up again. Reboo... 21 Dec 2008 02:02
P4S8X beeps Hi-Lo-Hi-Lo
Have swpped an ASUS P4S8X into a new box. BTW, found that the board deforms quite heavily under the load of the CPU cooler press down force and had to put a rubber bumper under the board so that it wouldn't touch the sheet metal bottom. Hope it didn't suffer any damage meanwhile. Anyway, what is new now is that ... 5 Dec 2008 05:25
Malfunction of USB-ports
Hello, I use the ASUS-Board P5GD2 Deluxe. This board has totaly 8 USB 2.0-ports, 4 at the real panel direct connected and 4 ports at the front, connected by cable to the board. I found out, that 2 ports at the front will not work properly, if I connect them to my Epson Scanner. If I do so, I get a failure mess... 30 Nov 2008 17:49
LAN Driver for P4P800-VM
Hello, I want to install a Windows XP system on a PC with the motherboard P4P800-VM Rev 1.06. I downloaded all drivers from ASUS web site ( The name of the name of the driver file is Unfortunately ... 18 Nov 2008 15:40
Anyone able to run 8GB of OCZ OCZ3RPR13334GK reaper DDR3 on p5e3 deluxe wifi?
Curious if anyone has got this ram working with all 8GB at one time, and if so, what are your bios settings. (i'm trying yet another set of ram to see if i can run 8GB at any speed for that matter): The one guy at OCZ claimed he hit 1600mhz and posted his settings, but with my config i've been unable to even ac... 13 Nov 2008 12:05
WOL on P5Q
Paul, Thanks for that info. I am just starting too peek into that area, so your posting was heavens sent. I looked in the settings for the WiFi on my P5Q3, but did not find any WOL settings there. Do you know if WOL is possible on the WiFi? tia Don Olique Paul <nospam(a)> wrote: Alboon wrot... 5 Nov 2008 18:05
A8V-VM SE and blank screen with new ram
Hi! HOpe someone can help my cousin. He's got a A8V-VM SE with 1GB ram. He decided he wanted more ram so he bought 2 1GB sticks and put in. Now all he gets is a black screen from his gfx card (and no signal from mobo port). There's no beeps or anything and he says it sounds like it's satrting up OK, just no ... 1 Jul 2008 23:37
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