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network problem question????
W7 OS This morning I was on the net early and able to download my emails etc Then went into the browser looked at a couple of items then no access tried a modem reboot still no web access (browser or email). Swapped over cables. Was able to access the modem from my computer. Modem always on. Yet whilst... 8 Apr 2010 08:20
One Laptop Per Child delivers 200 laptops to Territory kids
One Laptop Per Child delivers 200 laptops to Territory kids in Yirrkala Non-profit outfit continues to roll out budget XO laptops to children in remote areas Non-profit organisation, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Australia, continues to roll out budget laptops to primary school children in the Northern Territ... 9 Apr 2010 20:04
Chapter in header in Word 2003 doc
G'day. I've got a document in Word with chapters Red, Blue, Yellow, etc. I want these chapters to appear in my header automatically so people flipping through the document can see what chapter they are in by looking at the header. How can I make the chapter titles appear in the header automatically through m... 4 Apr 2010 08:14
hard drive not detected
I picked up a virus which totally disabled one of my hard drives. The drive is not detected in Windows Explorer but is visible in Disk Management. I have backed up most of the data, but not the last few weeks. Is it possible to retrieve the data and not have to format the drive? Thanks Andy ... 2 Apr 2010 02:47
Google threatens to pull out of Australia
WOW!,memo-google-threatens-to-pull-out-of-australia.aspx also see: 2 Apr 2010 04:56
Inner Peace.
Inner Peace. I am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me and we All could use more calm in our lives. By following the simple advice I heard on a Medical TV show, I have Finally found inner peace. A Doctor proclaimed the way to achieve Inner peace is to finish all The things you have sta... 4 Apr 2010 09:19
Booting from external usb hard drive
I have been trying unsuccessfully to boot Windows XP from a Maxtor Basics portable hard drive. I have a PM8M3-v (MS-7211 v1.x)Micro-ATX mainboard based on Via P4M800 & VIA VT8327R Plus chipset. Computer purchased in 2006. The cmos setup hard disk boot priority list shows USB-HDD0-Maxtor Basics Portable. ... 9 Apr 2010 01:14
Projector for wildlife talks
A friend, who knows even less than I do, is giving a series of talks using Powerpoint images and some movie clips. The venues at which he has appeared so far have all been equipped with built-in projectors, all with VGA connectors. He uses a Toshiba laptop. He is frequently asked to talk at venues that do not h... 31 Mar 2010 16:33
Zone Alarm & Problems Updating AVG?
I've recently had difficulty with AVG updates preventing Firefox from going online. Turns out that the problem is with Zone Alarm. Anyone having similar problems should update Zone Alarm to the latest beta version. ... 3 Apr 2010 11:29
Installing Apple Quicktime problems with Firefox
I wanted to listen to this However, when the page opens in Firefox (Ver 3.5.8) it tells me that the Apple Quicktime plugin is missing. It then asks me to find and install it. However, after following the pr... 30 Mar 2010 19:30
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