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Call for papers: IVPCV-10, USA, July 2010
It would be highly appreciated if you could share this announcement with your colleagues, students and individuals whose research is in image processing, pattern recognition, video and audio processing, computer vision, artificial intelligence and related areas. Call for papers: IVPCV-10, USA, July 2010 The ... 7 Mar 2010 16:15
Is it possible to generate harmonic distortion analytically?
(in PCM streams, of course) What is a good book or website which can expose techniques which might be of use to do this? Thanks in advance. -- Les Cargill ... 14 Mar 2010 10:52
Pole/Zero Plots on the Z-Plane, ROC
On this page below, titled "Understanding Pole/Zero Plots on the Z-Plane", if you look at example 4 (near the end of the page), they show this H(z) function = z/( (z-1/2)*(z+3/4) ) Then they show the ROC. But I do not understand how they got the ROC to be as shown I... 9 Mar 2010 19:12
Constant for white Noise Question
I see in alot of communcations books the constant No used for white noise and and in other texts some authors use No/2 when doing calculations for white noise. Many times there are no derivations given, so i cannot see where the distincion between No vs No/2 is comming from. Can somewone please explain? ... 7 Mar 2010 15:09
Timing adjustment and equalizer in a modem
Hi all, I have a question on timing adjustment and equalizers, and in my case the application is for a simple low speed PSK modem. I am using a half-symbol spaced passband complex equalizer, so basically we are pumping samples at B/2 (B is the baud rate). There is no preceeding interpolator, and the sample rate i... 6 Mar 2010 22:49
Fractional Decimation in DSP
Hi, Friends! Recently, I have some questions about Fractional Decimation. I think about them for a lot of time, but can't find a good solution. It comes from my reading Douglas W.Barker's paper "Efficient Resampling Implementations " presented on "Tips&Tricks" IEEE Signal Processing Magazine,2008. I found so... 6 Mar 2010 04:14
Rake receiver's fingers' delay placement
Hi all, How to choose rake receiver's finger delay. One or tow fixed chips or variable, is there any principle for cdma2000? I've seen in some implementation that the fingers' delay could be quite different like 0(finger0) 14(f1) 30(f2) etc. so could we dynamic adjust these delay by some algorithm, if so, the sear... 7 Mar 2010 20:40
Be ready to be killed, or take action to stop the global suicide. Scandal at CERN.
On Mar 5, 6:57 pm, John Fields <jfie...(a)> wrote: On Fri, 5 Mar 2010 01:55:11 -0800 (PST), Magnetic <magnetic.t...(a)> wrote: PS: In the Galaxy at the time of about 100 000 000 000 years almost all stars dies and the same number of stars are born. Now is the time for our ... 8 Mar 2010 14:08
Wavelet toolbox for complex images
I am searching for a robust wavelet based MATLAB toolbox that could be used for complex images. There are some good toolboxes available however they can only work for real images. Thanks Sylvia ... 5 Mar 2010 16:11
Still new digital filter structures to be found?
Hi, I've been playing with wave lattice filters for a little while and only yesterday realized that they were just a structure used to implement the same good old transfer function that maps nicely onto the Direct Form I, II, transposed etc. For some reason I thought they were a different beast. Now I wonder how do... 28 Mar 2010 17:51
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