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Windows Scheduler
1) In Windows Scheduler if I schedule a batch command that one of it's function is to delete a file before recreating it will the deleted file go to my windows recycle bin or will it just delete in DOS? 2) If I run the batch file dailey and delete the same file and it does go into my recycle bin will I have a... 26 Apr 2010 17:14
error doing the same thing from a different project
In VS2005 I have multi-project solution with mostly C# projects but one VB project to provide a COM wrapper. Two of the projects use an external set of DLLs to create a report, using report definition data taken from an SQL Server. One of the projects creates the report just fine, but the other project errors ... 26 Apr 2010 08:03
SMTP Traffic
I have to see the email sent by SMTP. You can see by analyzing network traffic? How? You can see the fields from and to? Thanks. ... 26 Apr 2010 18:22
Can't print from Win 7 Pro Virtual PC
Purchased Dell 1764 Inspiron laptop with Win 7 Home Premium - upgraded to Win 7 Professional in order to get XP mode as my Lexmark C500 colour laser printer is not supported by Lexmark which means they do not have a driver for my C500 which is not supported. Was able to install the printer and driver on the Vi... 25 Apr 2010 22:18
Need Japanese & Chinese for HP iPAQ 100 series classic Handheld
I use HP iPAQ 100 series classic Handheld, it has no included Japanese and Chinese language, so I can not read their web site by Japanese and Chinese. I need help to teach me how I can to get them and where I can download those language to install into my HP iPAQ 100 to let me can read those language. Also I ne... 25 Apr 2010 09:56
"Open" tab does not function
Upon downloading a file I get a window with 3 tabs: Open, Open Directory, Close. The Open tab does not function and I must look for it in the directory and then open it. What is the solution in this case? Thank you. Alex Magen ... 23 Apr 2010 15:00
Storage Folders
How do I add a new storage folder and have it appear alphabetically? Some of them are that way, but the new ones I add, now, are not. Help? -- conniejohn ... 23 Apr 2010 21:42
Why does my delete routine cause 2 rows to be removed from my DataGridView?
All, My code (below) causes 2 rows disappear from the DataGridView when I expect it to delete 1. I'm going around circles...can someone please steer me in the right direction? Thanks, In the following code, clicking the Yes button makes 2 rows disappear from the DataGridView, (which I don't want) but o... 23 Apr 2010 18:11
SBS 2000
Good day I have in a company two servers one sbs 2000 that is serving of data and another one 2003 that is the server of applications, accedes by environment of remote work to the 2003 to run the applications and sporadical I bind in a similar way sbs 2000, a few days ago I left to accede to sbs 2000 giving to ... 21 Apr 2010 13:37
Move where user profiles are stored on Windows Server 2008
My C: drive on my server is getting full too fast. The User profiles are stored on this drive, and use a lot of memory. I have another partition with excess memory. Is it possible to move these profiles to the other partition, and have all new profiles be created in that partition? ... 20 Apr 2010 16:32
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