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How does a function provide a blank cell as a result
Within an IF function, I would like to have the cell left blank given a certain logical result. The purpose is to have a result, that does not show up as a zero in a chart. Using "" in the function will make the chart function perceive the value of the cell as a zero instead of a completely blank cell (i.e. as a... 1 Jun 2010 10:52
Vlookup from different sheets
hi, I have the below this i have huge data in different sheets(which are named date wise) and i can not consolidate them in a single sheet as the lines are more than 65000.The account numbers are repeting many a times in different sheets. In a consolidated sheets i have the unique account number... 31 May 2010 08:41
Excel formula to incrementally increase a value by 1 every 365 day
I need help with correct formula to take a starting date from one cell and place a formula in another cell that will increase the number by one for every 365 days. Employment date 5/30/2010 - 365 days past, new cell shows value "1" representing 1 year Another year passes and the new cell automatically updates... 31 May 2010 02:15
Find & replace different years (part of the date)in a column
I have the various dates on which our staff have joined the organisation. I need a column that would convert all the year part of the date into the current year so that the increment date could be traced. Single command or macro would do. I need this feature in Excel sheet, preferably. However, if there is any ... 31 May 2010 02:15
View Message when Mouse Hovers over Cell. (Not the Comments Feild)
Hi, I am interested if there is a way to have a message become visible when the mouse is hovered over a cell. I am currently using 2007. In this problem I have one sheet that has a list of names (employees) across row 2. I have on another sheet with all the employee details, employee number, address, phone num... 31 May 2010 09:46
Need Help with Sumif Function including dates
Hi, I need some assistance with tracking my commissions that are due to be paid each month. The "Comm Due Date" is in column "C", rows 3 - 30 which list by date all of the Commissions Due to be paid and the "Comm Balance" is in column "H", rows 3 - 30 which has the Commission Balance due for each sale. I t... 31 May 2010 00:06
Linking Equations to Highlights
I am interested in linking a formula to the colour of the cell. Ie. positive number would produce a green cell & negative cell would high light the cell in red. The reason of the question is that I can do a financial report that automatically tells me if a catagory is in the negative or in the positive at a g... 30 May 2010 21:57
moving multiple data in a cell to other columns
I imported a spreadsheet. One column contains multiple data lines that I want to put into separate columns. They are consistent in their presentation. How do I do this? ... 30 May 2010 16:31
CONVERT function for Excel 2003
I was trying to format time in decimals to days:hours:mins format. While using microsoft excel 2003 help, they said to use CONVERT funtion for the same. But there isnt any CONVERT funtion in the Inset menu>funtions, in excel 2003. I tried for the same on Excel 2003 installed in other computers as well to confir... 30 May 2010 12:11
Source and Destination worksheet difference
I am using this formula to enter text into a column of cells of the source worksheet and the corresponding column of cells in the destination worksheet; =IF('End Bal'!B5="","",'End Bal'!B5). I enter this formula into cell B5 of the destination worksheet and then copy down the column. I would like the rule to be... 30 May 2010 19:47
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