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Women’s MBT Lami shoes are MBT healthy shoes
Women’s MBT Lami shoes are a kind of MBT healthy shoes. Research shows that wearing Women’s MBT Lami shoes can achieve normal play enhanced role in muscle strength, wear a fixed time every day can improve blood circulation, slowing down long-term low back pain caused by labor block effect, there have been those... 12 Aug 2010 22:27
P, NP, NP Complete, Intractable in layman terms?
Zahid Faizal <zahidfaizal(a)canada.com>, on 11/08/2010 17:31:01, wrote: The news of Vinay Deolalikar possibly proving that P not-equals NP prompted me to again attempt to come up with a layman definition of these terms (not the formal definitions, which are confusing and circular). Kindly correct me if I a... 13 Aug 2010 05:57
memory sticks
My capability to program in the field is predicated on USB SSD's working like they should. All of a sudden, they don't, and it's something I've got to straighten out. q1) Is there a windows 7 users group for usenet that might tell me why no windows 7 computer I tried with my last 2 stick purchases work. M... 12 Aug 2010 07:06
status: ASTs as IR...
well, here is basically a status update: I ended up developing a "Generalized AST" based system, where the idea is that a lot of language-specific stuff is stripped out of the ASTs, and the new ASTs are intended to represent a more general and language-neutral form. the ASTs are in turn represented as XML, an... 13 Aug 2010 17:57
best message queue implementation
Hello , I have process that picks up multiple files from a directory forks child processes and each child process works on a batch of files and finishes the task So what is the best way of doing it , preferably using a perl program I am thinking of this Parent process reads filenames from a file continuos... 10 Aug 2010 23:32
Text to postscript
I am looking for a program that will turn plain ASCII in to postscript. Things such as font and margin widths should be user-selectable. I'd like the source so that I can see how it works. Any suggestions? -- I can't go on, I'll go on. ... 3 Aug 2010 10:19
ANN: Seed7 Release 2010-08-01
Hello, I have released a new version of Seed7: seed7_05_20100801.tgz In the Seed7 programming language new statements and operators can be declared easily. Types are first class objects and therefore templates/generics need no special syntax. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in plac... 1 Aug 2010 17:00
Approaches writing functions
Hello I have created a decision making tree as a prelude to enhancing some code which makes these decisions and performs various actions based on decisions. I have used rectangles for processes and I was thinking that broadly I would create functions to represent the processes. Anyone have any comments on ... 2 Aug 2010 09:13
100% free dell laptaps offerd by dell and Vodafone companies.
100% free dell laptaps offerd by dell and Vodafone companies. great offer….free dell laptops …no need money, no need shipping charges…absolutely free… i have hidden the full details in an ” BIG IMAGE” at the”Top Of My Blog.” click that ” big image” and get dell laptap 100% free… my blog is http://human... 31 Jul 2010 02:09
Position data interpolation
I have a project I'm working on that is related to route planning for simulated vehicles. Currently there are data files that contain the postition data (latitude, longitude, altitude) for some routes. These positions, along with the heading and speed at each point, are sent at a certain rate to a display progr... 9 Aug 2010 16:47
3 Rules of OOP?
So I had a phone interview not so long ago and it was going quite well, but then the interviewer asked "What are the 3 rules of object oriented programming?" and I was at a loss. I said "Well, I can explain what OOP is...but I'm not sure I know what 3 rules you're talking about..." Does anyone? ... 2 Aug 2010 10:19
Rapid development of desktop-like web apps
Hello everybody, I'm looking for a visual IDE (RAD) that would allow me the rapid development of desktop-like web applications, with windows interface. The application should essentially have CRUD functionality for records management in relational databases, displaying data in tabular form, master/details and as... 29 Jul 2010 05:19
Visual IDE for desktop-like web apps
Hi everybody, I'm looking for a visual IDE (RAD) that would allow me the rapid development of desktop-like web applications. Have you got any advice? Thank you in advance! ... 26 Jul 2010 11:37
sort & Parition Data
Hi, I am making a message application where I need to sort and partition messages according to sender names. All my message records are stored in a large array. I am looking for an in-place and stable sorting algorithm which can serve my purpose. Thanks, ... 22 Jul 2010 10:17
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