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Formatting Dates in excel
I have about 2000 rows (x4 in columns) of dates in 2 formats and they are "0/00/00 and 00/00/0000". How can I quick fix this problem into just one format for all like this way "00/00/00"? I tried using the formula and it did not help at all and the other way was for me to use "format cells, category-date, typ... 28 May 2010 20:23
cannot open Excel (.xls) attachments in Outlook
Hello: This Vista user has Office 2007. For the past two weeks, he has been unable to open .xls files in Outlook. I have tried everything from newsgroups out on the net. No luck. And, yes, I tried clearing that box in Excel Options that says to ignore....(DDE). No effect. Also, I tried to fix this by c... 28 May 2010 19:17
combine formulas into 1
In the examples below, is it possible to combine the 2 formulas into one? I need to simplify my spreadsheet if possible. IF(M3>=H1,IF(MAX(H3,H7,H11,H15,H19,H23)>=MAX(H5,H9,H13,H17,H21,H25),1,2 IF(M4>=H1,IF(MAX(h3,h7,h11,h15,h19,h23)<=MAX(h5,h9,h13,h17,h21,h25),2,3 Thanks very much for any help. ... 28 May 2010 17:05
If statment
If g44 equals 0 then h44 it is returning it as false maybe i am missing something =IF(G44=0,H44) -- Message posted via ... 28 May 2010 18:11
Text to Column will not cooperate
Looking to separate two names in a cell, separated by a Hyphen. It will not separate the names. Is there a formula that will work to separate them? Example: george-smith ... 28 May 2010 15:59
updating two seperate spreadsheets with same info
I have 2 seperate spreadsheets one with monthly info and one with yearly info. I wondered if there was a way to update the same info in one spreadsheet and it automatically fill in in the other spreadsheet since its the same information going into both databases without having to copy/paste all the time ... 28 May 2010 15:59
If statment problem
I have Excel 2000 I am trying to make this IF statement work. What I want to do is if H44 equals a number 1 to whatever then use colum N44 if H44 equals 0 then use O44 =IF(H44=0,0,IF(OR(H44=N44,IF(OR(H44=O44)))) -- Message posted via 28 May 2010 15:59
Decimal/Percentage to Whole Number
I have a column that is listed in decimals: e.g. .15, .30, .45. I would like the column to be changed to whole numbers: 15, 30, 45. I was only able to convert these to percentages, 15% etc., but not to whole numbers. Thanks. ... 28 May 2010 15:59
MS Excel 2007 "Recent" files not updating
When I go to the Start button, then click on Excel 2007, a window opens showing Recent files. For whatever reason, these are not being kept recent, but are "stuck" on files of days gone by. How to I get it to show recent files? Have same problem with Word 2007. I am using Windows 7. ... 28 May 2010 14:53
Text to Columns
I have a column with the following data: A RUT 212874790014 Each cell has the word RUT, and the number changes, altough it always has 12 digits. I need to have the word in one cell and the number in another, so I use the text to column option. But when I finish doing this the result is: A B RU... 28 May 2010 14:53
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