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validation rule (for a record in a table) with dlookup
Hi In a table with a double primary key, I want, before the input of a new record, to check it doesn't exist. To solve this problem, I presume, using a validation rule is the best option. Assuming that Field1 and Field2 are both primary keys and the combination of both keys must be unique, what's the best v... 7 May 2010 03:29
Error on front-end close
Hi there, These db's are on Access 2007. I have a front-end that is currently roughly 2.7Mb in size linking into a db of roughly 95Mb. On a menu there is an Exit button, simply running DoCmd.Quit When I press this button the following error occurs: Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Applica... 6 May 2010 09:40
just wanted to see if i am doing this right? ... 6 May 2010 09:40
URGENT Trouble with �� attempting to change the same data ...�
Roberto <Roberto(a)> wrote: Thanks for your suggestion! Please be advised that Aaron Kempf is monomaniacal on the subject of SQL Server and ADPs. That is to say every answer he posts suggests those two products no matter how relevant. Tony -- Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP Tony... 5 May 2010 21:37
Serial Port in VBA
I'm using David Hitchner's MODCOMM module that I found on Tony Toew's site to read continuous data from a serial port. It works fine running under 98 but when using XP SP3 I need to put a MsgBox function after the ComOpen routine or it won't open the port. Has anyone run into a similar condition? I'm running both m... 7 May 2010 10:03
CurrentUser's Group.
In VBA how do I determine the CurrentUser's Group they are assigned to in the Access WorkGroup file? ... 6 May 2010 09:40
ou je peut trouver du monde qui parle an francais ... 5 May 2010 13:47
Why Access 2007 cuts off a inputed text description after saved?
Hi I have a database with Access 2007 and when we enter descriptions to a field it is ok. Once saved and reopened parts of descriptions to certain fields become missing , half cut off. This happens to a lot but not all fields. ... 5 May 2010 13:47
Merge from Access to Word - Loses Data Source
I have a Microsoft Word Mail Merge document that uses a Microsoft Access query as the data source. A DSN has been setup for the connection. The user clicks a command button and the MS Word Mail Merge document is suppose to appear ready complete the merge. The process usually works great but lately the MS Doc... 6 May 2010 18:45
Access 2007 w/VBA
This is only a test, to see if the newsgroup "consolidates" posts with the same "Subject:" Regards Jeff B. ... 5 May 2010 12:40
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