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Form Headers
!@#$%^&*()?! I am soooo frustrated. It seems like a simple enough function. I just want to have the header print on each form page. The help states that in the properties there is a Repeat to set to Yes. I have double clicked, clicked, right clicked on every section and box and cannot find this command. P... 1 Jun 2010 20:51
FieldName Variable in VBA
Working in Access VBA: 'Where S1Speech is a field name in an Access 2007 table called SP 'This 1st example works fine putting the value from S1Speech into the variable S1 Dim S1 as String S1= [S1Speech] ' These other 2 examples don't work Example #2 Dim S1 as String Dim TXHolder as String TXH... 1 Jun 2010 19:45
What Formula Can I use
I was wondering if anyone knew of an Access formula that I can use in a field that would return the following statement if true. *if the records in field XX contain any numerical values give me this……..if not then return all the records in field XX Basically I want the formula to recognize any numerical value... 1 Jun 2010 16:25
The Incurred Dates in my query run in rows. An example is below: 1/1/09 Date A 5.9 2/1/09 Data A 6.2 3/1/09 Data A 7.5 On my report I need to represent my dates as columns. Example below: 1/1/09 2/1/09 3/1/09 Data A ... 1 Jun 2010 18:39
Query--using Access 2007
I have a tblAddress table with a lookup field called TypeofAddressID. A company may have many addresses with different TypeofAddressID—such as 1 = Business, 2 = Mailstop, 3 = PO Box, and so on. I need to pull out TypeofAddressID # 1. Then if a 1 is not available, give me the type that is (which may be the PO a... 1 Jun 2010 18:39
I have a message that pops up saying debug, then I double click and receive this can anybody help me with this. I want to just pull all by george onto another spreadsheet call call Jon and the info is pulling from master name Grace. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Call Sheet5.getvalues Call Sheet5.S... 1 Jun 2010 16:25
VB code to Access 2000 code
I have a vb project which sends emails. [This is on the site Ref Email Sending UserControl] The Project has a form (Form1) which provides the relevant info eg. recipient, sender, content, smtp provider etc This data is processed by a "User Control" Module (MailUC) ... 2 Jun 2010 10:56
Two autonumber fields in one table possible?
I am designing a database to capture information that will be classified into two separate categories. I would like to autonumber each record by category. Is that possible? For example, I will likely have 2000 total records with 200 of those records in Category A and 1800 of the records in Category B. The i... 4 Jun 2010 11:28
Wanting to grab group of files and PkZip them.
I have an excel file that has two columns, Code and Filename. i.e. CODE Filename Abc 123456.txt Abc 123457.txt Def 123458.txt Def 123459.txt Etc… I would like to be able to select all files with a specific Code and have them zipped into a file that is named the same as the Code. i.e. would cont... 3 Jun 2010 11:10
Let's pick a replacement for this (Access) newsgroup
Folks have recommended various sites to replace this (Access) newsgroup for when poor-listener Microsoft drops it. Why don't we pick a replacement to give it the "critical mass" to fully replace this one? If interested, please respond to this with your recommendation. Also, if you feel like it, in ca... 5 Jun 2010 21:19
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