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app pool setting kills threads but keeps sessions
Im having a problem with a .net 2.0 aspx app on IIS6 creating a silly number of threads using the w3wp.exe process for its specifc app pool. I see this issue once every few weeks. The app has been isolated to its own app pool with the following settings: ----------------------------------------------------------... 18 Nov 2009 10:05
Problem solved!!!
Thank you for posting the resolution. These kind of nuggets always come in handy! All the best, Jeffrey Ingalls "Daryl Sirota" wrote: When you install DPM on IIS, it apparently shoves metabase AccessFlags=30215 into every IIS site and Virtual Directory. What this effectively does is prevent remote users... 16 Nov 2009 11:17
IIS7 - 67GB of Log Files
I have been wondering why my system volume of my SBS 2008 keeps running out of disk space. I now see that c:\inetpub\LogFiles\W3SVC1372222313\ contains a bajillion u_ex*.log files, totalling 67.1GB. Is this something I�m supposed to be managing or is something wrong? They range in date from mid-August to today.... 22 Nov 2009 22:44
IIS 7 Catastrophic Failure :: COMException :: Microsoft.JScript
Our web server has been running into an issue where the server generates a Catastrophic Failure response on the first page request made. Reloadign the page, everything works fine. This started happening a few weeks ago - perhaps a Windows Patch may have caused it? Google searches sadly don't return much about i... 8 Dec 2009 02:10
username and password
Hi, all I have configured a Web site on server 2003 standard edition. I have used the default settings. When I access this web site from internet everything is running OK & also that server but,when i open this site in LAN I get a window and says "The server at level_15 or view_access requires a usern... 16 Nov 2009 11:17
Debugging IIS Crash Dumps in VS2010
Channel 9 posted a short video on the new debugging features of VS 2010. I feel it is relevant to this newsgroup since a good part of IIS administration is troubleshooting websites... All the best, ... 11 Nov 2009 14:35
IIS7 SSL Services failing.
Approximately 3 months ago I set up a new Windows Server 2008 (non-R2) web server running two sites with SSL services under IIS7. These sites have run very reliably and are virtually downtime free. The server is fully patched and current, and has been scanned several times over the past couple of days for virus... 7 Nov 2009 00:43
iis 7 NAT ip address leak over https
Hello all, I have a strange IIS 7.0 issue. when i connect to my site via ssl and run GET / <html><head><title></title><!-- <script language="javascript">window.location.replace("")</script> --></head><body></body></html>read:errno=0 any way to not have this information ... 5 Nov 2009 15:40
Question about IIS 6.0
Good Morning, I am hoping I am directing this question to the right group....can you tell me why the following would be on my computer? "an http service is running, the port is open. The system is running MS-IIS/6.0 An FTP service is running, the port is open, What I want to know is if they have access to my... 3 Nov 2009 10:25
IIS 6.0 + Drupal 5.x: clean urls??
IIS 6.0, Drupal 5.x Come avete risolto l'esigenza dello sviluppatore che vuole i "clean urls"? Fast Cgi? Il filtro Isapi gratuito (ma utilizzabile, se non ho letto male, solo per un sito? Grazie, JD ... 26 Oct 2009 13:19
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