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Okay I figured it out
The above solution works, but not on the web server. i kept trying and trying the solution suggested but it bombed. Finally I tried it again and tested from a remote computer and it worked just fine. it will never work on the web server. ie. http://localhost/ will not redirect to the virtual directory. ... 17 Feb 2010 19:05
Redirect to virtual folder under default website
Me too. I have the identical issue as indicated in the initial question. IIS 6, Intranet application URL is http://servername/abc I want users to be able to type http://servername and have the website automatically serve up the abc virtual directory. I tried doing the redirect as shown in the solutions b... 17 Feb 2010 17:57
.docx file properties not being returned by ASP page
We have code that used to return the Author, Keywords, and some of the other built-in document properties from Word documents to a grid in a web page. We recently upgraded to Office 2007 and wanted to convert existing files for our Marketing department to .docx. Unfortunately when these files are converted, t... 19 Feb 2010 05:29
IIS 6 - Programmatically Creating New Web Sites (Issue)
The server in question is Windows Server 2003 SP2: I have written a .NET 3.5 utility app (Windows Forms app using System.DirectoryServices) that creates new IIS Web sites. In the UI of the app I enter a few pieces of information about the Web site to be created (domain name, app pool, and IP address) and then ... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
How to get IIS6 to serve .inc file as plain text ?
One web site in particular needs to be able to deliver files with .inc extensions, treating them as ordinary static files, NOT server-side includes. Right now IIS6 is just giving me a 404 every time. I have added a mime type mapping to plain/text, first tried at the server level, then at the site level. No joy. ... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
IIS 7 Setting Questions (Win 2K8 Server R2)
Hi all, We have a web app that our users install to a virtual directory. On Win 2K8 Server R2 we have found that our application requires the following IIS Features/Sub-Features be installed.... Common HTTP Features: Static Content Application Dev Features : We install all sub-features with ServerManagerCm... 15 Feb 2010 20:03
FrontPage Extensions To WebDAV
I was using FrontPage Extensions with IIS 6.0, and recently migrated to IIS 7.5, where I switched to WebDAV. Now I'm having some problems with my web.config files. IIS 7.5 creates it's own web.config file that enables Windows authentication for use with WebDAV. When I try to publish to a Web site, I get a confli... 15 Feb 2010 13:14
iis6 tracking down process within app pool causing high cpu
Hi, Im hosting a few asp apps on IIS6 , each with there own app pool. Sometimes a single app pool shows very high CPU usage. I can use iisapp.vbs to match the w3wp.exe service in task manager (the one showing the high cpu usage) to the application pool and therefore know what site is causing the problem. I c... 27 Feb 2010 22:05
Compression scheme priority does not work
hi, in my IIS6 metabase, i've set HcPriority="10" for deflate, and HcPriority="1" for gzip, but i still get gzip-compressed responses when the Accept-Encoding header of the request is set to "gzip, deflate". i do get deflate-compresed responses if the header is "deflate, gzip", but i expect that the server w... 15 Feb 2010 07:37
SBS 2003 Muli websites one ip
Hello all I am running SBS 2003 which hosts my exchange/OWA. If domain is and I have can I also have going to port 80 using host handling. Both OWA and test are on the same server. I created an A record for test. I want users to be able to get to via the iusr_server ... 15 Feb 2010 13:14
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