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always ask windows user name and password
Hello, We just created one IIS for internal user. The IP address is When we browse, the system always pop up a screen, ask our user name and password. Can we get rid of this? Thanks ... 9 Mar 2010 05:39
IIS Password change pages 64bit
Hi, I am looking for IIS password change pages for windows server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition SP2 Thanks, ... 3 Mar 2010 10:41
Different HTML result when served via IIS vs. local
The follow HTML runs fine on a local computer: <html> <body> <script type="text/vbscript"> Set objSysInfo = CreateObject("ADSystemInfo") strSite = objSysInfo.SiteName document.write(strSite) </script> </body> </html> But when the HTML is served via IIS on server 2008 I get the following error: ------... 2 Mar 2010 11:16
IIS and HTTP File Download Sites
Are there any suggestions or guidelines on how to create a section of an IIS 6 Web site to be used for HTTP file downloads ? We are trying to avoid having to setup an FTP server and would like the end-user to be able to browse the site and download the files using HTTP seamlessly within IE and a few other brow... 14 Mar 2010 03:19
Alt tag not appearing in localhost testing
The text of Alt Tag is not appearing when the page is loaded through localhost. But the same text is appearing when the page is loaded through actual website on the same browser and PC. Please advise. ... 1 Mar 2010 10:17
solution for p3
hai , i installed primavera and when i open that getting an error message that P3 for Windows requires at least Btrieve version 6.15. An earlier version is currently in use or was detected. Close other Btrieve applications and re-run P3. The version currently loaded is located in the C:\WINDOWS\system direc... 28 Feb 2010 06:43
share sessions between iis 6 and 7.5
Hi I'm currently upgrading our IIS farm from IIS 6 to IIS7.5 Is it possible to share session state between those 2 platforms? There are NO changes to the web code. /A ... 27 Feb 2010 09:55
IIS6: How to set up WebDAV?
Hi -- I'm going in circles trying to set up a WebDAV site on a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 server running IIS 6. The WebDAV extensions are installed. They are enabled in IIS. The site was created in IIS on its own IP address, to which the server responds to ping requests. I have it set up for SSL access (only, I hop... 27 Feb 2010 09:55
Pipe Exception in IIS
hello, We have been experiencing some problems with getting Pipe Exceptions on one of our servers utilizing IIS. Scenario: Flex app that has a flash uploader for uploading files client uploads file and it posts to the IIS server IIS server logs a Pipe Exception But! On one of our other (dev) servers run... 24 Feb 2010 14:18
Alt text not appearing in localhost
Alt text not appearing in localhost , but appearing as expected in production server. Please advise ... 2 Mar 2010 11:16
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