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Error Creating Web Site: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800710D8
I'm currently running Windows Server 2008 x64 + IIS7.0. When creating web sites, I initially get the error "Unknown: The object identifier does not represent a valid object. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800710D8)". Here's where the confusion is. After creating the web site (thus producing this error)and then cli... 18 May 2010 07:05
I have IIS 7.5.7600.16385 on a Windows 2008 server. The text files in c:\inetpub\logs\logfiles\w3svc1 were adding daily and slowly filling up my C: drive. I turned off logging for my CRM website. This kept new log files from being created. However, the last log file is now being appended to. I then turned ... 18 May 2010 14:48
FTP user redirection not working
I have a Windows 2003 Std. server which is our FTP server. Anonyms access is DISABLED. I have it setup so when a user connects to FTP they automatically are directed to a folder with the same name as the username they use to connect. This has been working just fine for about 6 months. Now, for some reason, when a... 17 May 2010 09:08
Networksolution and IIS
Hello, I have a hosting with using a windows based environment using IIS. My questions is how can I get a functionality like .htaccess on Unix for redirecting content. Since its a hosted system, I cannot install anything. Tried adding a web.config, but it seems not processed at all from the w... 18 May 2010 10:22
Default Documents and IIS 7
Hello, I have seen a number of posts about this, but not a clear explanation that matches my scenario that I can use to resolve. We have 5 separate websites that all point to the the same physical directory on the IIS Server. Each site has a different host header and a different home page, but shares other co... 15 May 2010 00:50
Strange LOCK problems with WebDAV upload in IIS7.5
Hello, here my scenario: I have wrote a simple custom authentication that allows anonymous access to the WebDAV Directory like IIS6. I connect to the WebDAV with the Windows 7 build in client. That works great. When now i upload a file to this directory than this sporadic fails with an error that this file ... 11 May 2010 07:51
IIS6 and SSL
Hi there, I have a Windows 2003 Server with IIS6 running multiple websites via host headers. Only one of the sites has an SSL certificate, which works just fine. I am in the middle of sorting out PCI DSS compliance and am using to do the quarterly scans. For some reason some of the s... 13 May 2010 10:30
HTTPS not working
Hi there, I just set up my own test certificate on my home network server using the server's (web) IP address as the certificate's "common name" (x.x.x.x). I can now access the site through the web via HTTP://x.x.x.x but not using HTTPS. I get the standard "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error... 13 May 2010 08:17
Define default site displayed when typing the IP address?
Our company is using IIS 6 and host multiple sites with Host Headers using one IP address. When the IP address of the web server is used in a web browser, IIS returns one of the hosted web sites. How can we determine which site is returned when the IP address is used? Thanks, Brian ... 11 May 2010 12:18
The server is currently disabled - error 500 IIS
Actually I receive this error when patches are applied on windows server and the IIS doesn't restarted. I just restart the webserver and the error is gonne out Adrian Scott wrote: "The server is currently disabled" 500 Error on IIS 5 06-Sep-07 We are running running a site load balanced over 2x Windows 2... 10 May 2010 09:53
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