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IIS 6.0 and SQL Express 2005: Change Database (DEV -> PROD)
Hi All, I was working on a DEV machine with Vista with IIS 7.0 and a local SQL Express 2005. Everything worked fine. I put the website on a memory stick, copied over to PROD, and now there are SQL connection errors. PROD has IIS 6.0 and a local SQL Express 2005. The message is below, but I'm not sure how to T/... 3 Dec 2009 10:23
iisadmpwd questions
Hey everyone, this is my first post to this group. Nice to see that it is pretty active. A little background information before I present my problem. I have a large user base that primarily uses outlook web access. They do not have access to workstations on our domain. We are running a Windows server 2008 dom... 2 Dec 2009 20:06
ServerManager object not working on Windows Server 2008
I have a Managed C++ assembly DLL that when run on Windows Vista works but when run on Windows Server 2008 x86 does not. It is using Microsoft.Web.Administration.dll and when calling: ServerManager^ mgr = gcnew ServerManager(); An exception is thrown BadImageFormatException. I also get the following er... 2 Dec 2009 21:13
Reinstalling IIS7 on Windows 2008 Standard Server
I needed to reinstall IIS 7 on my Windows 2008 Server. So in the Server Manager Console I removed the Web Server (IIS) role and then reinstalled it. However I noticed that it did not create the default website. I'm trying to install MOSS 2007 and it fails. I believe it is because IIS is not properly installed? ... 25 Nov 2009 17:14
Database logging with IIS 7.0
Hi I am trying to setup database logging with IIS 7. I am following these instructions: This is not working and I am receiving the following error in the System event log: "The World Wide Web Publis... 30 Dec 2009 20:57
error 500.24 and CS0016
I test the website on IIS7.0 I got Error 500.24 I put in following lines in web.config <system.webServer> <validation validateIntegratedModeConfiguration="false" /> </system.webServer> Then I keep getting Compiler Error Message: CS0016: Could not write to output file 'c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framewo... 29 Nov 2009 00:29
IIS 7 and Enabling ASP.Net Extensions...
On Windows Server 2003 we had a cheesy little widget to determine if Asp.Net extensions were installed and enabled. It would just dump txt files based on the state of ASP. If a certain file exists our install wrapper would handle and warn accordingly. Here's the code for that... Dim objFSO, AspMissing, AspDi... 15 Dec 2009 07:53
Server's response: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
Hello all, I am having issues with connecting to a couple of web based applications using their web interface. I'm running IIS 6.0 on a Win2k3 sp2 server. I can connect to these apps using IE on the local machine but can't from a workstation on my network like I was able in the past. I'm pretty new to IIS ... 1 Dec 2009 09:25
Wildcard or regex in <location path="...">
Hi, Because managed modules have some performance penalty I only would like to enable managed modules for classic ASP (*.asp) and definitely don't want to enable them for static files. I would preferably use wildcards or regular expressions in a location element but if that's not possible, I'm fine with any... 26 Nov 2009 08:39
w3wp.exe (ASP .Net) eating memory
Hello, i'm on a VPS with Windows 2003 x64 (IIS 6.0 so) and i have a serious problem with w3wp.exe. It starts from 60 Mb and then grows until the whole avaiable RAM is used. Here's an example image showing w3wp.exe private bytes and Gen 0 Heap size. They seems... 5 Dec 2009 12:57
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