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On 6/19/2010 9:38 AM, Joseph M. Newcomer wrote:
> It was only terminal idiocy that got rid of customization features. In Office 2007,
> EVERYTHING I need to do on a second-by-second basis is now four clumsy mouse clicks and
> nested menus away; in Office 2003, I had custom toolbars with everything I needed. Yes,
> they have a custom toolbar, but the same terminal idiocy caused them to limit it to an
> unusably small number of commands. It is like they went around and asked the professional
> Word and PowerPoint users "What is it you need to work effectively, every day", and when
> they got the answers, they said "Let's get rid of each of those features, they are only
> critical to experts". From my viewpoint, Word and PowerPoint are so crippled as to be
> totally unusable. Alas, any time I don't spend in VS or in one of these newsgroups is
> spent in Word or PowerPoint.

Like I already said Microsoft is telling everyone (with your comments,
now making it several different ways) please quit using and supporting
Windows. By the way Thunderbird (it also has a built-in spell checker)
is a much better newsreader than Outlook express, except for two things:

(1) It does not seem to have a usable watch thread feature.

(2) It is intolerably slow loading the messages from a newsgroup when
one has several years worth of message headers stored locally. To
circumvent this I simply only load the most recent headers, then it is
plenty fast enough. To view very old messages I simply go back to
Outlook express.

Thunderbird is especially good at formatting messages and replies.
Although you may view a message in HTML mode, replying is much better
with text mode.

> In Office 2010, you can create your own customizable ribbon bar. Now, if only they don't
> continue the idiocy that says "We know what ribbon bar you want to see, and we are going
> to change it whether you want us to change it or not..."
> It is a well-known principle of GUI design that you do NOT surprise the user by changing
> what they are looking at! This has been known for 30 years (back when user interfaces
> were done on character-based screens!) Apparently this principle escaped the total fool
> who put an "Add and Edit" button in the MFC Wizards; whoever did it was obviously never a
> programmer!
> joe
> On Fri, 11 Jun 2010 04:27:44 -0700, "David Ching"<dc(a)> wrote:
>> "Giovanni Dicanio"<giovanniDOTdicanio(a)> wrote in message
>> news:u43ssrUCLHA.5584(a)TK2MSFTNGP06.phx.gbl...
>>> Yes, it is using programming... but I was thinking about some form of RAD
>>> approach built inside Office itself, like it was possible with Office 2003
>>> and previous versions for the toolbars.
>> Outlook 2010 (and I presume other Office 2010 apps) does have a "Customize
>> Ribbon" dialog that lets you populate a tree containing contents of ribbon
>> tabs, with the desired commands.
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