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On 5/7/2010 9:21 AM, David Ching wrote:
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>> The solution is simple. Reconfigure to different servers and continue
>> on as if the MS servers never existed.
> Unfortunately most of the major ISP's don't offer NNTP newsgroups
> anymore, so will there be any free servers to access? I subscribe to
> Giganews, but that costs $.
> -- David

The example I posted from is a FREE nntp server.

There is also and

I agree that relying on free nntp servers isn't the best solution.
However, if MS continues with their plans ....
From: Tom Serface on
I think it would be in MSFT's best interest to control the API as much as
possible. If people use the bridge and newsreaders they don't have as much
control over what is seen on the screen (other kinds of content). If I were
them I'd want to the ability to have better control over the whole


"Joseph M. Newcomer" <newcomer(a)> wrote in message
> So if the API is exposed, I would push Forte (vendor of my favorite NG
> reader) into
> considering a Microsoft-forum-capable version of Agent, so the silliness
> of the unusable
> Microsoft interface is no longer an issue.

From: Tom Serface on
Hi G,

I think that is a factor, but the biggest factor, in my opinion, is tracking
participation and ensuring that the customer's experience (look and feel,
accessibility, etc.) is the best it can be. We are pretty high power users
and don't care about bells and whistles that much, but I think the typical
MSFT Windows 7 customer likes the fancier looking interface.

I also think the forums protect the content.


"Giovanni Dicanio" <giovanniDOTdicanio(a)> wrote in message
> "Joseph M. Newcomer" <newcomer(a)> wrote:
>> I may be wrong. But a decision to kill off the NNTP forums sounds like
>> nobody at
>> Microsoft was in touch with reality. Or, as we often phrase it "their
>> reality-distortion
>> field was running full force that day".
> I think that they can do money on the web forums thanks to advertising;
> this is not possible with NNTP newsgroups.
> And on the web forum it is possible to delete posts and threads or move
> them around (again, not possible with NNTP).
> Giovanni
From: Tom Serface on
I think the link posted *is* the new place. There is not a new newsgroup,
but I'm glad that MSFT did open up an MFC forum. It shows that they are
still serious about supporting MFC. They could have, just as easily, lumped
us in with C++ General and C++ Language like they had done previously.


"Bo Persson" <bop(a)> wrote in message
> Ajay Kalra wrote:
>>> There is an MFC
>>> forum:
>> Is this going to be the new place for those who are here?
> No.
From: Tom Serface on
It does take more time than newsgroups, but it's easy enough to figure out
where you've answered questions previously and I like the email notification
when questions have responses.

You are right though that it is a little slower to pop up. I haven't tried
the bridge software recently. I may give that a crack and see how it works
out. The one I tried months ago required that I run some separate program
simultaneously with the Windows Mail program and it didn't work very well
(posts weren't getting sent up and some weren't brought down). Could be all
of those issues are fixed now. I'll take another look.


"David Lowndes" <DavidL(a)example.invalid> wrote in message
>>I've just been using the web interface and it's not so bad once you get
>>used to it. I have to be careful not to accidentally do something that
>>makes it go "back" or I lose everything I've typed and offline work is not
>>possible, but it's not too bad.
> It's OK for asking questions, but I really can't face it for answering
> - life's too short.
> Dave