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Email into a Calendar Invite
Is it possible in Outlook 2007 to invite all of the recipients in an email into a Calendar invite where the subject matter will automatically populate as well? ... 19 Feb 2010 12:08
Outlook Links
Is there anyone who can email the solution to the folling problem to dannyhorner(a) When I try to launch a link from within MS Outlook 2007 all it does it start Word. Any help will be appreciated! -- DDH ... 19 Feb 2010 14:24
Microsoft Office Outlook Connector keeps asking me to log in?
Just in the last few days, Microsoft Office Outlook Connector keeps asking me to log in constantly? I never had to log in repeatedly before, but in the last three days, I have had to log in every time I hit Send/Receive. I use hotmail with my Outlook 2007. I have a new Blackberry smartphone that gets my emai... 19 Feb 2010 12:08
"Connecting to sites"
I have a slight problem with a couple of Outlook 2007 users (Exchange 2007 account). When they launch Outlook, a box pops up headed "Connecting to sites", prompting them for a username and password. I have no idea what this is about (their domain username and password don't work, so I'm guessing it has noth... 19 Feb 2010 08:45
Notification Problem
I'm not receiving any notifications for replies to my posts, nor for threads that I've marked. My profile email address is current. Currently, I'm logging on, visiting my profile and examining the list of notifications at the bottom of the screen. -- Richard Using Office 2003 & Win2kpro Search the web and ... 10 Mar 2010 09:42
Read an Out-of-Office messege without sending an email
Hi guys, My company is using Outlook 2003 and Exchange 5.5 to communicato and deliver E-MAILS between the workers. I was wondering if there is any way to read an OOF (Out-of-Office) messege of users without actually sending them any email. this will be really helpful to a project I'm working on to try and ... 19 Feb 2010 04:23
How do I open the Junk Mail folder in Outlook 2000?
Hi! I can't find a Junk Mail folder to open? All info talks about setting up filters. I am missing messages and would like to see if they have landed in Junk(SPAM) Mail. Please advise and thanks! Dianne C. ... 19 Feb 2010 09:53
Gridlines in phone list view of contact in Outlook 2007
I upgraded to Office 2007. I have trouble following across a line in the phone list view of my contacts. The solid line check box is checked in the customize view box, but there are no lines between contacts. Is there a way to get grid lines in the view or maybe shade every other line? ... 19 Feb 2010 00:03
public task folders in outlook 2003
I am trying to use Outlook's tasks function to manage a small project that involves 5 staff memebers. I want to assign tasks to group members and have the task list available for viewing by the entire group. Seems simple and basic enough, but when I create a public folder and try to create/assign a task from ... 18 Feb 2010 21:51
Outlook 2003 opening msg file duplicates
I have an issue with Outlook 2003 (11.8217.8221) where if I open msg files that have been saved locally or on a network drive, it then adds it to my inbox. So for example, if I open this msg file 10 times, it will add the message into my inbox 10 times. It also does it for emails saved in our Trim document mana... 18 Feb 2010 21:51
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