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I am using Outlook 2010 beta and I get a 0x80048002 error when I try to send and receive. The send and receive process hangs on the last incoming message. After that, it won't send or receive from other accounts (office live accounts). When I try to exit outlook, it closes the screen, but the process is stil... 16 Feb 2010 12:57
Untitled Message
Everytime I click NEW to send a new message, Outlook untitled message opens but the tool bars do not load. I have to go to view-toolbars and click to get the standard bar. Is there a way to fix this. I have already done a detect and repair and that did not work. Windows XP Pro sp3 and Office 2003 ... 15 Feb 2010 16:39
Where is pop-up box to open an email file after saving?
This dialogue box used to pop-up after I saved an attachment, allowing me the option to launch it. I must have disabled it, and don't know where to locate the command to enable it again. ... 15 Feb 2010 15:30
How do I see which Q-books estimate a customer is "replying" to?
I emailed an estimate from Quickbooks, through Outlook, and my customer replied to the Estimate to place an order; but the reply doesn't show which Estimate they are replying to. How can I set it up to be able to see which Estimate they want to order from? ... 15 Feb 2010 17:48
deleted emails
All emails in my Outlook Express inbox have been deleted, any idea how these can be restored? ... 15 Feb 2010 15:30
Fax Mail Transport in Outlook 2007 doesn't work w/ Remote Desktop
After installing The Remote Desktop Hosting Service role on Windows 2008 R2 the Outlook 20007 Fax Mail Transport no longer works. I get an error message saying "The Microsoft Fax transport failed to deliver the message to the recipient. The message does not contain any content" whenever I try to fax something w... 15 Feb 2010 15:30
Weekends on the Calendar
I would like to find out how to schedule monthly appointments or reminders where, if the 15th lands on a Saturday or Sunday, the appointment would automatically be moved to either the Friday before or the Monday after. (Preferably the Friday before). In Lotus Notes, which I really did not like for the most part... 15 Feb 2010 15:30
Outlook Incoming Messages no longer display
Pictures in incoming Outlook 2007 Messages no longer display. How can I fix this ? ... 15 Feb 2010 23:21
multiple downloaded duplicate messages
my system has downloaded the same email messages 5 times this morning. These messages are from Friday, last week, through to this morning. What could be causing each and every message to be received more than once? ... 15 Feb 2010 12:05
Blank Emails in Outlook
For the past two weeks, periodically hundreds (700 +) blank emails will appear in either my Inbox or Junk Email inbox, with only Sent: None. Any ideas what is causing this? ... 15 Feb 2010 12:05
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