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yesterday downloaded updates. Just after sys reset I can't open Outlook. Errors detected in fir. use scanpst.exe (didn't work. Did reset to earlier day, still no work. Help please??? ... 16 Apr 2010 09:28
Syncing Outlook with Microsoft Exchange
I have recently purchased the Office Small Business 2007. Prior to this I was using the Outlook Web Access for all my email, contacts and calendar requirements. Now that I have Outlook 2007, I have been successful in migrating all the information from the Web Access to the 'desktop' Outlook. Part of the reason... 15 Apr 2010 14:46
KB981432 Junk Email Filter update for Outlook 2003 causes filter f
Yesterday I started my Outlook 2003 to check my emails and it worked fine (routing junk mail to the junk mail folder as normal and non-junk mail to the inbox). A few minutes later, automatic updates promted me that there were some new updates available. One of them was a Junk Email Filter update for Outlook 2... 15 Apr 2010 14:46
Outlook 2007 -- removing attachments
Hi. To control the size of my Outlook mailbox, I often save attachments elsewhere and then delete them from the email. I don't remember having had this problem before, but in any case I am now finding that I cannot delete photos or documents that were inserted into, rather than attached to, messages. Can an... 16 Apr 2010 11:43
unintended outbound emails
At each opening, outlook forwards the same email continuously. ... 15 Apr 2010 11:24
Messages download when outlook closed / password prompt disappears
If I've been using Outlook 2007 for a few times after a reboot, even when Outlook is closed my emails download to it. Normally, when I open Outlook, it should prompt for my password, but after awhile it no longer prompts and when I open Outlook, I don't get prompted for a password and all my new email is alread... 15 Apr 2010 11:24
"File OLMAPI32.dll is incompatible with micrsoft office outlook"
I keep getting the following error when trying to run Office Outlook after installation. "File OLMAPI32.dll is incompatible with Microsoft Office Outlook. Install Outlook again." I have genuine software and have tried many times to reinstall. Can anyone please explain how I can make it work? ... 15 Apr 2010 10:17
Rules options grayed out
Most of the options under my RULES are grayed out (Change, Copy & Delete) and the Rules don't work under my Outlook 2003. The only option available is "New" I am running Office 2007 on my laptop and recently copied my messages to my desktop where I have Office 2003. How do I delete all my Rules in Office 2003... 15 Apr 2010 10:17
Outlook 2007
I want to share 1 folder within my inbox to another user who is also using 2007. I have given permissions to the other user on the folder, on inbox and on outlook today but they still can't access the folder. Any ideas? ... 15 Apr 2010 11:24
Change Font
Hi, I would like to change the default font from Ariel to Verdana. I am using office2003. Also I am using microsoft word as the Outlook editor. How can I do that? Thanks! ... 15 Apr 2010 08:05
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