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How can I add a recurring footer (name/address) to new messages?
We recently received an email from a customer with their company name and address centered at the bottom of the page as you would have on company stationery. How can we implement this in Outlook for our emails? ... 6 May 2010 09:40
setting up hotmail in outlook
Hello.. So I got a new BB and decided it was wiser to set up outlook for my hotmail than use an internet push browser (so I can use the contacts, calendar, notes more easily) and am having massive issues. I did download outlook connector for hotmail.. managed to get hotmail on my Outlook.. b ut am very confused ... 6 May 2010 09:40
unable to delete email account.
I have created an exchange account in to my laptop but as it was not on my office network it was not working, than i tried to delete it, but i am unable to remove that account. i have tried alot of time but every time i clicked on remove account it shows a pop window with message "You can not delete this outloo... 6 May 2010 07:27
outlook will not let me link to a website from an e-mail
All e-mail hyperlinks are blocked by my Outlook (2003). ... 7 May 2010 08:56
Outlook Rules case sensitive
Hi Are Outlook 2007 Rules case sensitive? Can you help me to know all the Outlook 2007 Rule that are case sensitive? Thanks in advance.. Ashwin LK ... 8 May 2010 18:55
scanost can not open file
I used to be connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server & therefore my Outlook works off an .ost file. However I no longer work for that company so I cannot link to the Exhange Server. However my .ost file has become currupt some how & I've tried running scanost.exe directly by going through program files, but it... 6 May 2010 04:12
Permission to import .pst folder, and finding it to import.
I was importing everything in Outlook on my old PC to the new one. Somehow the most recent 4 months of emails never arrived. I was instructed to do the following: On the old computer start My Computer, double click on C, Documents and Settings, Claire, Local Settings, Application Data, Microsoft, and you will ... 6 May 2010 03:07
Attention Microsoft: Outlook 2007 stops working - unresolved problem
When I start Outlook 2007 it opens and starts downloading email messages but a few seconds later it displays a message that it has stopped working. There are two options then: Check online for a solution and close the program. Clicking on the first options closed Outlook and restarts it and the same two options... 6 May 2010 02:02
Unable to process Lotus Meeting Invitation with Outlook 2003
I am running Outlook 2003 SP3 and connect directly to my ISP. When I receive Meeting Invitations from a Lotus Domino Server, the invitation arrives in text form and consequently I cannot accept / reject the request. Incidently, I run Outlook 2007 on another machine and it does not have this issue. Is this a co... 6 May 2010 00:56
Printing a selection of an email - Outlook 2007
I suspect this is an old Outlook 2007 , Windows 7 question. Suppose I wish to print a selected portion of an email message in Outlook 2007. In either Outlook Express or Outlook 2003 al I do is open the message, highlight the desired selection, then click File | Print | Selection. But in Outlook 2007, when I s... 5 May 2010 23:49
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