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office outbox
emals containing pictures, regardless of the size, keep getting held up in my outbox. Any suggestions? ... 4 May 2010 09:00
Outlook Connector
Re. Outlook 2003, SP3 Outlook Connector 12.0.6423.1000 * I only use Outlook Connector to sync with my Hotmail accounts. I restarted Outlook and to my surprise got this warning: "To continue accessing your mail using Microsoft Office Outlook, you must upgrade to the latest version of Outlook Connector." Op... 4 May 2010 09:00
Search folder criteria - how to use "OR" criteria
I am using Outlook 2007. How can I customise my search folder to filter messages that contain "KSC" in subject OR belong to "Sports" category? ... 4 May 2010 14:35
Outlook Connector
Hi Brian, I have the same problem but I think he was refering to the actual installation. My problem arises when I upgrade. I open Outlook, and normally Connector kicks in and starts downloading my hotmail accounts, but an upgrade request and right before the upgrade is completed. Boom! I get the error 1935 wit... 3 May 2010 23:09
Outlook connector prompting to upgrade
Morning all, Opened Outlook 2007 thismorning and I was prompted to upgrade Outlook connector, accepted the upgrade as it woud not let me access hotmail otherwise. When outlook shutdown to install the connector I was given a repair/remove option in the connector installer, selected repair. When outlook restar... 4 May 2010 12:21
Outlook 2007 won't print
All of a sudden my outlook 2007 won't print any of my emails. I'm running xp sp3, and using office 2007 pro. I'm printing to a hp F4400 all in 1 printer. My other programs, word, excel ... all work and print fine. When I put my curser over the print icon on the tool bar it shows print(hp deskjet F4400 seri... 4 May 2010 20:13
Outlook Connector Issue...solved here for us.
When Outlook tries to download the new Connector update, it fails to work properly on Outlook 2003 at our company. We then searched and found that Microsoft has released a new 32-bit version of Connector for Outlook 2003 and 2007 around April 10th of this year. We downloaded that version and made sure Outlook... 4 May 2010 00:16
Error Code :0x80040605
Outlook asked me to upgrade the Connector when i choose to repair, nothing happened except that my email account could not sign in and when i choose remove the outlook connector automatically removed. ... 3 May 2010 22:03
Same thing here........
Office Outlook 2003. Been using web-based email for several years which meant I had to employ Outlook connector when setup. This afternoon, I open Outlook to check enmail and get a pop up requiring Connnector to be upgraded. I follow promps, it goes through the install, closes the program; but when I reopen ... 3 May 2010 22:03
Outlook Connector Update for Outlook 2007
When I open outlook 2007 I am prompted to upgrade my outlook connector to continue accessing my hotmail account. It then proceeds to download file OLC.msi followed by a prompt to restart outlook in order to finish the installation. The outlook connector setup wizard then opens and prompts me to repair or remove... 4 May 2010 23:32
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