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Adding/changing registry keys
I used to do stuff periodically with registry keys from Excel. Are there any issues with more modern versions of Windows and permissions? Are there areas of the registry that I can use/can't use Does a user have to have administrator rights for my code to write to the registrty? Thanks M ... 10 May 2010 13:13
2003 toolbars problem
I have a workbook that has a toolbar 'attached', plus some code on BeforeClose and DeActivate which deletes/hides it. It all works beautifully. Until... I have a few versions of the workbook, for different purposes, and sometimes I need to have 2 or even 3 of them open at once... Suddenly it all goes a bit... 10 May 2010 12:06
I have two columns of numbers column A could be up to 3500 rows. Column B may be more or less than 3500 rows. What I'm trying to do is see if any number in columns "B" appears anywhere in Column "A", and if so we can just highlight it in both columns. Actually I would want to be able to sort by highlighted. ... 10 May 2010 12:06
Control-Home key behaviour
Not neccessarily a coding issue but this forum has a far greater knowledge depth than others. Recently the above key combination rather than making cell A1 the active cell now makes the column A cell in the current row the active cell. Ctrl_Home in VBE achieves the correct result, that is, the cursor is relocat... 10 May 2010 08:46
How to copy a workbook
I need to know how to copy a workbook in a macro (Excel 2002) The filename of the workbook to be copied is "Template" (w/o quotes) The new workbook will have the name of an employee, ie several workbooks, each having the name of an employee. Variable: EMP = "John Doe" Code needed to copy workbook TEMPLATE and ... 11 May 2010 10:04
Can I stop the footer from indenting?
The footers in my spreadsheet seem to be indented differently from the main spreadsheet margin. Does anyone know a way to get the footers to align to the same margin as the data? (I'm OK if it's a VBA solution too!) Cheers M ... 9 May 2010 22:00
Remove Excel addin completely
Hello, The sample code I found below uninstalls an Excel add-in but leaves it in the list of available Add-ins. Im looking for a script to "completely" remove the Excel addin (tidy is nice!). I need to do this across a range of users with Office 2003 & 2007 so I was wanting to reference Excel objects rat... 10 May 2010 05:31
Hi there, Just launched my WordMerge free solution for your review. Regards, Filipe Freire --------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet downloading made easy =--------- -= Get GrabIt for free from =- ... 8 May 2010 16:44
copy row heights
Have a subroutine that copies a sheet from one workbook to the other, then copies values, formats, and column widths. But need it also to copy the row heights/hidden rows. Any assistance will be sincerely appreciated. Thanx. - Mike ... 9 May 2010 07:49
Choose which cell to paste data
Using VBA, I have copied the contents / comments / color etc.. of a particular cell (single or merged), and wish to manually select (using mouse pointer) which cell to paste the data. So, I guess the VBA code should pause / stop until a new cell is chosen and confirmed. Is this posible? My code so far is.... ... 9 May 2010 09:58
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