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Existing File Not Found
Hi, I'm not sure why the following vba code does not work as intended if the existing excel file is found and activate but it keeps prompting the error message that the file is not found Dim Wbk As Workbook For Each Wbk In Workbooks If Wbk.Name = "GL.xls" Then Windows("GL.xls").Activate ... 28 Mar 2010 23:22
Max size of user form?
Can anyone help me with this question? What is the Max File Size a User Form can be? I have Windows 7 with Office 2007. Does it have like a 64K limit? ... 25 Mar 2010 09:09
fill several sheets with data from other workbooks matching criter
So far, I was able to make a macro to filter data from a project log sheet in a workbook, and copy/paste the rest of the data in each row based on criteria in column A to the corresponding worksheets with a name matching the data in column A on the project log. But now what I need to do is make a macro that wil... 24 Mar 2010 22:47
run report on web page, import to excel
I need to run a report on a web page and import it to excel in an automatic way. First I need to open this company internal web page: and select the "1EDCMAT" report, here is part of the source code: </select><br> <span id="lblSelectRepor... 28 Mar 2010 16:47
IS it possible to get the Visual Basic Form to VBA Excel
I have a code created in Visual Basic (Not VBA) The form is developed by someone else and i just want to use that. And, I want to get that into excel so that i would be able to work on it Is it possible?? ... 25 Mar 2010 08:00
Pivot Table and Protection
I created a macro to update my pivot tables when the worksheet is protected. It works fine as long as I know the password (i.e., I must enter the password to run the macro). This really defeats the purpose of the protection. So my question is how can other users update my pivot tables without knowing my passwo... 24 Mar 2010 19:22
Reloading and Editing UserForms in Excel - help!
I have created a database in Excel for a client to do data entry. Right now I have multiple forms set up that they can scroll through and enter data about different programs. Then at the end they are prompted to save the record, which runs code to copy all of the data on the forms to a hidden worksheet. I need ... 25 Mar 2010 11:30
Dynamic radar chart
Hi, I have a radar chart which displays three series of data (and the data labels from a heading column). The problem I have is that the number of points in the series changes depending on the dataset which I import (from 8 to 14 points or anything in between). Each of the three series and the heading label da... 24 Mar 2010 18:11
Copy/Paste Import/Export Data VBA Code
Hello, I regularly export data from the Cognos 6 operating environment. The data is exported into nternet expolorer into the "Excel 2002 format". Once the data is importing into the Explorer, I copy and paste 7 sheets of data from Explorer into Excel one sheet at a time (if it helps there is an 8th sheet t... 24 Mar 2010 15:52
Code to look at range and extract data.
If the column of data has the text "Back On" I want to copy the adjacent columns to another sheet for each instance. This will be a loop since this text occurs more than once. ... 24 Mar 2010 14:43
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