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Hiding menu options
Ca anyone help me with hiding menus and options in xl. I managed this in a very early version of xl but can't seem to be able to do it in the version I have at the moment - which itself is a bit long in the tooth (2002) ... 25 Mar 2010 11:30
How can I check a collection (e.g. worksheets) collection to be empty?
I have a function that checks if a worksheet exists by For Next-ing through the Worksheets collection. Function fncSheetExist(SheetName As String) As Boolean Dim sh As Worksheet fncSheetExist = False For Each sh In Worksheets If sh.Name = SheetName Then fncSheetExist = True Next sh End Functio... 25 Mar 2010 10:19
Importing text file into Excel 2003 - C# - QueryTables.Add throws System.ArgumentException
Hi all, I am a newby in Excel programming so my question could be an easy one. I found lots of VB code snippets on this issue but almost none in C#. I want to import in a new Excel 2003 doc a character delimited text file. Here is my code: Excel.Workbook lWB = this.excelApp.Workbooks.Add(System.Reflection.Mis... 25 Mar 2010 10:19
merge all files in sub dirs
Hi I like to merge all data in all excel files in all sub dir''s to 1 big file. ( the data can be on scheet 1,2,3 ...... ) Can you help? Regards Rolf ... 25 Mar 2010 09:09
Savecopy and saveas locking up excel
Hi, The project is running on Excel 2003. The work machines are locked down and users don't have administration rights, so I cant look at permissions etc... The error is limited to only a few, but all seem to be on HP laptops, but not all HP laptops have the problem. The code is basically Workbook_open ... 25 Mar 2010 12:40
Excel 2007 ADO Connection Error
Hi, I'm having an intermittent fault with an Excel 2007 workbook (xlsm) connecting to a Access 2007 (accdb) database. The connection string I'm using is "Provider=Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source=" & gconTargetDbase & ";Jet OLEDB:Database Password=" & gconPass & ";" where gconTargetDbase is the data... 25 Mar 2010 06:53
Protecting macros
I have a protected sheet with buttons assigned to macros. Howver the buttons are not protected and can be reassigned by a user using the R mouse menu. Any ideas to help would be gratefully received ... 25 Mar 2010 11:30
UserForm Text Box to display worksheet cell text
I need a way to display the content of my worksheet cell text 'Site Data' B:1 on a UserForm named LocalizerRef. Thanks in advance for any assitance you may render (please try to not laugh too loudly) Bill ... 25 Mar 2010 05:46
Code to update links every 30 seconds
I have a Vacation Calendar which I maintain for a workgroup of about 180 people. Only a couple of people have access to the Vacation Calendar workbook itself. I have created a slave document which has formulas linking to each cell on the Master Document. This slave is accessible to all employees, on 3 computers... 25 Mar 2010 09:09
Array To View Specific Sheet(s)
Using a macro I need to view specific worksheets if they have content. I will always want my "Invoice" sheet and if on the Invoice sheet, cell B12 has a value I want to view the Invoice and Labour sheet. If cell B13 has a value I also want to view the Materials sheet. My macro, shown below, halts at the line... 25 Mar 2010 03:18
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