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Measure on the date different
Hi, I had a huge file of aroiund 10 000 line. This 10 000 line only consist of 500 items. I wish to have an analyise a information. Example in the file it have items, order date, recept date and qty. Item A order 3 time on 1 Jan but recept 1 time on 1 Feb and 2 time on 15 Feb. Item A order 2 time on 1 Feb but ... 31 Mar 2010 07:39
Close msgbox after making selection
I make use of a msgbox with Yes/No buttons fairly frequently, like: answer = msgbox("Do you want to proceed?", vbyesno) After clicking on the desired button the message box window remains open. Is there a way to force closing this window as soon as the variable is read? John Keith kd0gd(a) ... 1 Apr 2010 03:36
Getting Sheet Name from the Code Name
The following is a VBA function I have written to do just that: Public Function ToSheetName(CodeName As String, quote As Integer) As String ' ' Will return the actual sheet name, given the original name (codename). ' There is also the option to have it quoted, or not, as some of the uses of ' the name may or may... 31 Mar 2010 04:23
How Do I?
I've created a worksheet that has a number of control toolbox objects on it. When the Initialize Events macro starts I create events for each object in the main module that works with a class module. During run time, I create new form objects on the worksheet. Now I want to create events for the new object... 31 Mar 2010 12:08
Open a workbook and get data from it
Hello I'm working a project where I've got a list of names in one spreadsheet, and I need to pull corrasponding data from another spreadsheet. The concept is simple.... get a name from spreadsheet1, then go into spreadsheet2, find that username, and copy the row over to spreadsheet1. At least that is how yo... 31 Mar 2010 11:00
delete rows with header, excluding 1st row
Headers are repeated several times between rows A1:A1000. Need to delete all rows where header "DAY" is in column A, except for the first instance (A1). ... 30 Mar 2010 15:01
Command button naming issue
In an Excel 2007 workbook I have a worksheet with several command buttons on it. I use somewhat wordy names for my command buttons, e.g., cmdEBITLessThanZeroGreaterThanNegativeOneHundred. I'm now having a problem where the command button name is not saving properly. In edit view I can double click on the com... 31 Mar 2010 08:45
open from sharepoint
In your code, the slash you are adding is not the same orientation as the rest of your slashes. Perhaps that is causing problems? "Thanks" wrote: I am modifying existing code that opens files on the network drive to open the same file on our sharepoint site (HTTP:// Fold... 30 Mar 2010 13:54
Fiscal Year Week Number Calculation with a twist....
Good Day, I've search for the solution to this including Cpearson's site but can't figure this out..Our Fiscal year begins April 1st every year regardless of the day of the week it falls on. So here's my delima, if it falls on any day other than a Monday I need to be able to recognize a short week as week 1 ... 31 Mar 2010 16:37
Get cell value
Hello I'm trying to get the cell value, if the cell has a value over a certain range, but when I run this, I keep getting a run time error. Any ideas? Can I not use the range funtion like this? Sub CellValue() Dim x For Each x In Range("c1:c100") If Not IsEmpty(x) Then Debug.Print "The value is " & ... 30 Mar 2010 12:47
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