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Validation on InputBox()
Is there any way to ensure that a user inputs a valid dd/mm/yyyy date into an input box, the current code is DateInput = InputBox("Please input date ") Also the ideal the ideal solution would be to use the calendar function but for the life of me i cannot remember for the life of me what to call for this. I w... 2 Apr 2010 09:18
check if value exists in pivot table
I have a macro that inserts the value of the active cell into cell A1 of the same worksheet. Pivot tables on other worksheets are then filtered by that value. Now I need to write some error handling so that if the value of the active cell is not contained in the pivot table, it exits the procedure. Here is t... 1 Apr 2010 19:09
Look up range and return value
What I need to do: Using Value "A" (let's say 20), lookup on on a table and find the row that 20 falls in the range of column A and column B (let's say column A is 15 and column B is 25) i want to return the value of column C in the same row. There is a possibility of 150 different rows. Also, value A is in ... 2 Apr 2010 17:06
subtract times
How to get time difference in hours and fractions of hours? example 3 columns in a spread sheet Col A and B formated as "Time" Col C formatted as Custom "h:mm" produces result 0:20 in example below how to format so as to produce result 0.3333? I tried formatting as "h" but it then produces 0 formatting as 0.0... 1 Apr 2010 20:15
Convert UTF-16 Unicode to UTF-8 Unicode?
If I save an Excel file as "Unicode Text" (xlUnicodeText), I get a tab- delimited UTF-16 (also known as UTF-7) unicode file. How can I convert it to UTF-8? I've been doing the conversion by automating Word from Excel: Const WORD_TEXT_FORMAT As Long = 2 'FileFormat:=wdFormatText Const WORD_UTF8_ENCODING As ... 2 Apr 2010 07:07
Search & Replace
I want to do a search and replace using info in cells on a work sheet. For example, the search item in cell A1, the replace item in B1. Is there any way to do this? ... 1 Apr 2010 20:15
Program a macro to print
I have an employee expense report that contains employee information in the first five rows. The rows 6 through 30 are blank and for the employee to fill in (or add additional rows if necessary) with a list of their expenses. In rows 31 - 37, there is information that the employee acknowledges that the expe... 1 Apr 2010 18:01
Hovering over an object
Hello, I insert an ActiveX object in Excel which has a _MouseMove (x,y) event The object has not a tooltip property How can I display a text when hovering over the object and hiding it when the mouse leaves it Thanks Avi ... 1 Apr 2010 16:54
named range in macro call
I have written a macro that I would like to have operate the same way on different data ranges. I tried creating a generic macro that accepted a range of data as an input parameter, then I created several buttons that each called the same macro, but with a different argument, as follows: Private Sub CommandBu... 1 Apr 2010 16:54
Save a date as a variable and run/convert formula against the vari
Good Day, What I'm needing to do is retrieve a date field from a closed workbook, save it as a variable and then calculate a week number based on it. which I'll use for another function. I've attached two types of code I'm struggling with in VB and hope someone can help... The first part retrieves a date f... 1 Apr 2010 16:54
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