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Dynamic Table Problem
I am using excel 2007. I had originally asked this question in the function section, but VBA was suggested. I want to create an invoice where the total number of line items is dynamic. I have created the 'header' section of the invoice with company name, customer name, etc and I have created the 'body' of th... 5 Apr 2010 00:46
Macro Message Box
Hi, I am trying to build a macro for a histogram. When the macro is complete, I am asked "Histogram - Some data will be hidden by embedded chart(s)." I can click OK or cancel. How can I build my OK response into the macro so that I do not need to manually respond? Thank you for reviewing my question. ... 5 Apr 2010 10:30
method 'run' of object '_application' failed
i receive this message after attempting to "save as" to a new workbook name, it appears that some of the macros are referenced by the original workbook name and after renaming, the macros no longer function. is there a fix or workaround or something that i can run/do to fix this problem? i have templated up a... 5 Apr 2010 15:01
Joel - Data Consolidate Limitation
Good morning, I have found the following solution of Joel. Nevertheless, I would not like to overwrite the available values in "Summary", but add to the already available values. How is the code to be adapted? Many thanks for every help. Volker Sub consolidate() Set SumSht = Sheets.Add(after:=Sheets(She... 4 Apr 2010 05:03
like a Pivot Table
Hello every body If any one can help me I'm working with data which most of it comes like a table with feilds as columns and records as rows. I want it to be as many rows with each feild an example what is existname age Joining Date Tele John 20 Jun-90 4321251 Iqbal 30 Jul-95 6583752 Geor... 4 Apr 2010 01:47
what does chr$ mean in this code Sub rick() Dim strabc(1 To 26) As String Dim i As Integer Dim strprompt As String For i = 1 To 26 strabc(i) = Chr$(i + 64) Next i strprompt = "hey:" & vbCrLf For i = 1 To 26 strprompt = strprompt & strabc(i) Next i MsgBox strprompt End Sub ... 4 Apr 2010 01:47
Removing artifacts from a spreadsheet with VBA
I copy excerpts of HTML tables into spreadsheets and get "artifacts" some of which respond to clicking to select and then using DELETE or CUT. When the cell/row they're in is deleted they migrate to the adjcent row/cell. How can I identify and remove these with VBA? I've tried to "Record Macro" to see what t... 3 Apr 2010 17:03
Code running slowly
Not sure why it runs slow. I thought the Application.ScreenUpdating = False would do the trick. Sub Holidays() Application.ScreenUpdating = False 'New Years Day With Sheets("January") If Range("C4") = Range("R2") Then Range("B27").Value = "New Years" ... 3 Apr 2010 15:57
Selecting Multiple Controls
I have about a hundred checkbox controls on a worksheet. I need to select differing subsets of multiple controls in order to move or modify them. I have entered 'Design Mode' on the 'Developer' tab and activated the 'Select Objects' option from the 'Find and Replace' feature on the 'Home' tab. With that comb... 6 Apr 2010 23:11
find sheet
I have a small marco that loads data from a file from another application into a workbook in Excel 2003. Sometimes the number of rows exceeds the 65,000+ cap so the remaining data spills over to a second sheet, sometimes not. I need a line or two that looks for sheet2: if it finds id it copies all the data... 5 Apr 2010 11:38
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