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Median in Excel 2007 pivot-tables
HI, I am working on pivot table for data analysis, where I need to show the median. While working on this I found that "Median" is not supported in pivot tables. Is there any way I can use median function in pivot tables? Best Regards, Venkataramana ... 7 Apr 2010 12:23
Data moving 3
Hi I need to a code, when run it on any sheet, copy of column X paste to a file (R.xls) in sheet1 and locate on column H respectively. in otherwords, first run of expected code, paste column X to column H of R.xls and second run,paste column X to column I of R.xls and respectively. best regards ... 9 Apr 2010 02:22
Subtotals for a variable number of rows
Following is my data: A B C 1 Oranges 6 2 Oranges 5 3 Oranges 7 4 Pomegranates 19 5 Pomegranates 16 C3 should be 18, and C5 should be 35. Next week there will more more or fewer categories with a variable numbe... 7 Apr 2010 04:37
simple macro to compare lists
Hello, I am trying to create a simple macro to compare two sorted lists and move cells to be able to compare based on product number, by keeping them together by class. Each product has three rows with data that all need to be moved with it. My thought was to shift cells down if the product numbers don't match b... 7 Apr 2010 10:07
To prevent a user from deleting and renaming a sheet in a workbook
My code takes the number of sheets and the sheets name as arguments. and i have fixed that. I want to prevent the user from deleting any sheet or renaming them How can i do that? Thanks in advance. ... 7 Apr 2010 08:59
Macro to copy subtotaled data
I have a spreadsheet that has been subtotaled. The formula in the subtotal cell is �=subtotal(3,j2:j61)� . Is there a way ,Using this information from the subtotal formula, which is the number of rows with each client's info. I would like to run a macro to copy the data from cells a2:q61 to a new worksheet named w... 8 Apr 2010 18:35
Insert Picture using Macro
Hi, I have the following Macro but it seems that I need the name of the picture along with the extension in order to work, is there a way to include the extensions (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, and more that I don't know ........) into the Macro so that I don't need to include the picture name with the extension. Thank Y... 14 Apr 2010 09:56
Select list box entries in multiple rows?
I have an inventory spreadsheet that consists of several columns of information used to assess the condition of equipment. Each row represents an identified defect in a piece of equipment. In the column 'DefectType' I want to be able to pick from a list of standard defect types (e.g. broken, torn, bent, etc) fo... 6 Apr 2010 20:59
resequence my worksheets
Hi, I have over 100 worksheets in a workbook, through time they have been reordered about and are now in order alphabetically but the sheet numbers are all over the place, can I resequence the sheet numbers to sheet1, sheet2 and so on by the order the sheets are in my workbook, keeping the sheets alphabetica... 7 Apr 2010 04:37
Highlight Rows
Is there a way to program an expression close to... If cell in column E equals string of text "Pending", select entire row and change background color/patern to yellow? ... 6 Apr 2010 19:53
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