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folder picker
I am using msoFileDialogFolderPicker for helping the users selected a folder. I want the file name to be request.txt thus am giving the user only to select the folder. Is there anyway i can hide the folder name text box and force the users to double click and select the folder. Few users think the folder name is ... 20 Apr 2010 18:34
Get 2 Lowest Numbers from 4 Cells?
I want to get the 2 lowest numbers from 4 cells. Is there an easy way to code this? Thanks, in advance, for your help. G ... 12 Apr 2010 12:34
Formula from closed workbook?
Please advise me is it possible to read/extract a formula from a closed workbook eg. =IF(ISNUMBER(N26),MAX(N26*$N$2,M26),$O$1) from say cell(26, 15) of a closed workbook, I've tried so far using variations of ExecuteExcel4Macro() and an ADO routine but have only returned values. I have a number of similar workboo... 13 Apr 2010 00:47
save as version 2003 problem
I'm working in vba in Access to create and save an Excel file. All's good except that one of the workstations this is runnign on is using Office 2007. I'm developing in 2003 and all the other workstatiosn they have are using 2003. It's very important that the files be saved in 2003 format. When I do this, it r... 13 Apr 2010 15:06
Automatically Update a Pivot Table Field Used as Column / Row
I have written code which updates several pivot table page fields using a list. Is there a way to also update a pivot table field when it's used in a pivot table as a column/row? I tried the code below, however, I get an error stating that the 'Object doesn't support this property or method'. The only other ... 12 Apr 2010 20:23
? offset('activecell',,-2,1,1) in Named Formula ?
I have a cell formula as part of a WorkSheet for explaining stats =prob_T^(A9) * (1-prob_T)^(n-A9) I would prefer to use a Name, k, in place of the A9 relative reference, as this would align the WorkSheet with standard stats names & make explanations easier to understand. This name needs return a reference t... 12 Apr 2010 10:19
Totalling data from different sheets.
Hi I have a spreadsheet on my website, here - What I would like to do is add another page (Totals) to work out average costs etc. by pulling data from all sheets e.g. petrol or accomodation and adding it to the Totals sheet under seperate headings... 12 Apr 2010 09:13
Function or formula to show currently active workbook name in cell
Hi all. Excel 2007 / XP Pro. Is there a function or formula that will display the currently active workbook name (without the path or filename extention) in a cell on the currently open sheet in that workbook? There will be other open workbooks. Appologies if this is a stupid question. ... 12 Apr 2010 05:55
Excel 2007 is Slow
Excel 2007 has to think a bit on everything. If you are automating, you should disable screen updating and calculation until every cell has been entered, then enable calculation, calculate, and make the app visible. Jon Peltier wrote: Excel 2007 seems to have to think a bit when working on charts. 19-Sep... 12 Apr 2010 05:55
Pivot Table variable sorce data
Hi I am pulling my hair out trying to use an external workbook as the source for my pivot table. When I create a range name referencing the external workbook and use try to change the pivot table source to the range, it tells me the range is not valid. The column headings arent in the first row on the source... 12 Apr 2010 02:41
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