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Public Variables
Hi Instead of restating the following in each module or procedure I would like to set a public variable to do the following: Dim strYear As String strYear = WorksheetFunction.WorkDay(Now(), -1) strYear = Format(strYear, "yyyy") I understand that in a seperate module I can simply state: public strY... 9 Apr 2010 06:43
Run make table query from Excel with Access closed
I have an make table query in Access that I want to be able to run from Excel. Ultimately I would like to be able to run the make table with Access closed and no messages appearing until the table is made...then a notice saying the make table is complete. Is there any way to run a make table access query from... 14 Apr 2010 09:56
trying to find the previous thursday before running a macro
The title pretty much says it all. I am trying to find the previous thursday that occur before I run a macro. The previous thursday date is part of the file name, so I need that to open the previous file. Most of the time I will run the macro on Wednesday, so something like now()-6 could work, but I would ra... 8 Apr 2010 14:03
Values of the last date
Hi, i have a sheet with tree coluns, onde for "Date", other for "Product" and the last for "Value". For example: Date Product Value 01/01/09 A 100 01/02/09 B ... 8 Apr 2010 06:10
Crane model in Excel
How do I calculate how close I can put a crane next to a building...and hoiw do I enter the calculations? ... 7 Apr 2010 23:38
UPC Numbers
I was wondering if anyonr new how to determin if a 11 digit upc number needs to be turned into a 14 digit number. I receive a EDI file from our distributor with 11 digit upc numbers and i no how to caculate the check digit but having no luck trying to detemin if upc number needs to be 14 digits. Example I know... 7 Apr 2010 20:19
Referencing objects inside of a loop
My next problem is: I have a series of spin buttons (spnVar1, spnVar2, spnVar3) and would like to reference/change their properties inside a loop. I know this will not work, but it is basiclly what I need. Also, the spin buttons do NOT have linked cells. for each X = 1 to 3 ' initialize the value spn... 9 Apr 2010 08:54
reset the value of a spin button
Q: How can I reset the value of a spin button with out setting off the CHANGE event? I am using Office Pro 2003 and have tried the following with out success: Application.EnableEvents = False spnButton1.Value = VarX Application.EnableEvents = True ... 8 Apr 2010 06:10
Resize a Table using VBA
I have a named table (not a range) that I need to resize depending on the number of cols and rows from another worksheet. I tried the approach used to resize ranges but it doesn't work for Tables. I can resize it using the Ribbon-Table Tools, but these commands don't get recorded in the Macro Recorder. Is t... 8 Apr 2010 11:05
reading and replacing just the first line of a txt or csv file XL2
We have a report that is generated from "System A" and the column headers are in mixed case. We are uploading the file into "System B" which requires all column headers to be in uppercase. The end result is that I just need to read the first line, change it to uppercase, and paste it back into the file over th... 7 Apr 2010 19:11
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